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Five Things Cosette Said
In February's Five Things, volunteer AO3 coder and OTW website staffer Cosette discusses her roles as well as what she enjoys brainstorming: https://goo.gl/8Gr8d7
Five-Things  Accessibility-Design-&-Technology-Committee 
21 days ago by otw_news
Five Things Betsy Rosenblatt Said
As part of our participation in Copyright Week, this month's Five Things post with OTW Legal Chair Betsy Rosenblatt discusses whether or not a fair use utopia could exist and how her entire life has become a little bit fannish: https://goo.gl/twTxho
Five-Things  Legal-Advocacy  Legal-Committee  Volunteering 
8 weeks ago by otw_news
Five Things Mandy Gooch Said
In Five Things, Mandy Gooch shares how volunteering for the OTW has helped her open up in groups & why January's exciting https://goo.gl/qjgvUE
Five-Things  Strategic-Planning 
december 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Raquel E. Said
In Five Things, translation volunteer Raquel shares their favorite thing in the world & how they see their work for the OTW https://goo.gl/NmkEJZ
Five-Things  Translation-Committee 
november 2017 by otw_news
Five Things SoyAlex Said
In FiveThings SoyAlex relates her glittery path to Fanlore staff & why there might be future restraining orders
Five-Things  Fanlore 
october 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Naomi Novik Said
As part of our Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said series, we have a special anniversary edition with OTW co-founder Naomi Novik. She discusses its evolution during her 10 yrs volunteering for it: https://goo.gl/nJXJrY
Five-Things  OTW-Board  Fannish-Histories 
september 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Chien Said
In Five Things Chien discusses life as an OTW volunteer without wifi, & how her work can be a conversation starter
Translation-Committee  Five-Things 
august 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Rachel G. Said
In Five Things, graphics volunteer Rachel G discusses what she creates for the OTW and what she likes about the results: https://goo.gl/UgBcsY
Communications-Committee  Fan-art  Five-Things 
july 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Ely Said
In Five Things Ely discusses Harry Potter fandom as well as what she least likes to translate as an OTW volunteer
Five-Things  Translation-Committee  Books 
june 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Rebecca Sentance Said
In Five Things, Rebecca reveals the OTW committee that's a haven for word nerds & how it helps AO3 users enjoy the site https://goo.gl/u3fzvZ
Five-Things  AO3-Documentation 
may 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Madoc Said
In Five Things, Madoc discusses the solo work of OTW Translation's Team Welsh & how the radio is good company https://goo.gl/Zofzoq
Five-Things  Translation-Committee 
april 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Amy Shepard Said
In Five Things, Amy Shepard discusses what led her to volunteer for yet another OTW role & the fun of an organization full of megafans https://goo.gl/hPkNkl
Elections  Five-Things 
march 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Neru Said
In Five Things Neru discusses a translator's life within OTW & why bedsheets are a source of discussion & surprise https://goo.gl/HAp15D
Five-Things  Translation-Committee  Volunteering 
february 2017 by otw_news
Five Things ChelseaIBelieve Said
In Five Things, tag wrangling staffer ChelseaIBelieve talks about the fun of spreadsheets plus Netflix & Wrangle https://goo.gl/4DYZIl
Tag-Wrangling-Committee  Volunteering  Five-Things 
january 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Nele Noppe Said
In FiveThings, Nele Noppe discusses the purpose of Fanhackers, how she got into fan studies & making a difference https://goo.gl/qOnCYK
Five-Things  fanhackers  Academia  Volunteering 
december 2016 by otw_news
Five Things Rrain Prior Said
In Five Things, Rrain Prior discusses working on Transformative Works and Cultures & how far back her fanfic goes https://goo.gl/pDw1uE
Five-Things  Academia  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Journal-Committee  Volunteering 
november 2016 by otw_news
Five Things James Baxter Said
In our five questions, Webs co-chair James Baxter discusses changes to our website & how OTW's their favorite fannish project. Come ask one more! https://goo.gl/MTaYqK
Five-Things  Webmasters-Committee 
october 2016 by otw_news
Five Things Alison Watson Said
In FiveThings Alison Watson lets us know what it’s like to work for OTW’s Open Doors project & why she volunteered
Open-Doors-Committee  Five-Things  Volunteering 
september 2016 by otw_news
Five Things Sumeria Said
In Five Things, Tag Wrangling staffer Sumeria explains how the committee works and what her days are like: http://goo.gl/k8HLP0
Tag-Wrangling-Committee  Volunteering  Five-Things 
august 2016 by otw_news
Five Things Ryan Smith Said
Ryan Smith explains what it's like to fundraise for OTW, what he learned from volunteering + fun with Pokemon http://goo.gl/9PYlgW
Development-&-Membership-Committee  Gaming  Anime-and-Manga  Five-Things 
july 2016 by otw_news
Five Things Nary Said
AO3 Support staffer Nary tells us 5 Things about her work & shares some information about the growth of the site: http://goo.gl/FpxtyC
Support-Committee  Tag-Wrangling-Committee  Volunteering  Five-Things 
june 2016 by otw_news
Five Things Aline Carrão Said
In today’s post, board member Aline Carrão discusses 5 things about working in the OTW. Feel free to ask her one more! http://bit.ly/1VPd7D3
Five-Things  Translation-Committee  Support-Committee  OTW-Board 
may 2016 by otw_news
Five Things Kat St. Pete Said
Graphics volunteer Kat St. Pete kicks off our new series 5 Things an OTW Volunteer Said. Come ask a bonus question! http://bit.ly/1Ss98FR
OTW-Sections  Communications-Committee  Fan-art  Five-Things 
april 2016 by otw_news

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