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Five Things SoyAlex Said
In FiveThings SoyAlex relates her glittery path to Fanlore staff & why there might be future restraining orders
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october 2017 by otw_news
Want to talk about Fanworks & Fan Communities?
The OTW’s Fanlore Committee will be holding an open house to chat about Fanworks and Fan Communities with you on Sunday, September 3 from 19:00 to 21:00 UTC. Come talk about your favorites and the ones you've known. Check out the pages for them on Fanlore and brainstorm suggestions for more information that could be added to the site!
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august 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Nicole Saylor
Fanlore is preserved by the US Library of Congress' American Folklife Center. Their archive head tells us why
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november 2016 by otw_news
Fanlore Software Update
Fanlore's getting a software update tomorrow & there will be changes to existing features but also some great new options! Leave your feedback as to what features you'd like to see available: http://bit.ly/1Qx5tEW
Wiki-Committee  Announcement  Fanlore 
april 2016 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fanlore & Farewells
After 7 years the OTWFannews series comes to a close but we hope you’ll keep fannish history going with fanlore_news
News-Media  OTW_Fannews  Fanlore 
march 2016 by otw_news
Stub September is Here Again!
Stub September has begun! Help us add more information to our bare-bones Fanlore pages and preserve fannish history.
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september 2015 by otw_news
Get Ready for June Bloom!
Ever wanted to get some pages started on Fanlore for content that's missing? The June Bloom event is for you!
Fanlore  Wiki-Committee  Fannish-communities  Fannish-Histories  Fandoms  Announcement 
june 2015 by otw_news
April Showers 2015 Roundup
OTW's April Showers ended last week but did you catch all the fandoms celebrated? You can still contribute & upload: http://bit.ly/1H3KYy0
Event  Fandoms  Fanlore  Archive-of-Our-Own  Wiki-Committee  Accessibility-Design-&-Technology-Committee 
may 2015 by otw_news
April Showers!
#OTWAprilShowers kicks off tomorrow on Fanlore and AO3! Revisit #fandom history, upload old works, create new content, and rec your all-time favorites!
Fanlore  Fannish-Histories  Fandoms  Fanfiction  Communications-Committee  Wiki-Committee  Announcement  Fannish-communities 
march 2015 by otw_news
Fanlore Invites You to Stub September! | Organization for Transformative Works
It’s time for Stub September on Fanlore! Check out the weekly themes, add to existing entries, & for extra help, stop by the editing party on September 14th!
Wiki-Committee  Event  Fanlore 
august 2014 by otw_news
April Showers 2014 Roundup | Organization for Transformative Works
April Showers has ended but you can catch up on what you missed & see which were the favorites this month!
Accessibility-Design-&-Technology-Committee  Wiki-Committee  Event  Fanlore  Archive-of-Our-Own 
may 2014 by otw_news
Fanlore Celebration Reminder
The OTW would like to remind everyone that its fandom wiki project, Fanlore, will be passing a new milestone in the next week. To celebrate, we will be holding a trivia contest that begins in 48 hours and are inviting everyone to participate!
Wiki-Committee  Fanlore  Announcement 
june 2013 by otw_news
[LINK] Signal boost: WebCite online citation service needs help
[LINK] Signal boost: WebCite online citation service needs help
fanhackers  Fanlore  Technology 
march 2013 by otw_news
[LINK] Discussion of Fanhackers’ “no quoting fannish meta without permission” policy and about fanwork permissions in general
[LINK] Discussion of Fanhackers’ “no quoting fannish meta without permission” policy and about fanwork permissions in general
fanhackers  Fanlore 
march 2013 by otw_news
Fanlore downtime | Organization for Transformative Works
During the last few days Fanlore users may have been experiencing temporary problems connecting to the site. The reason is that we have been running out of space on Fanlore's hard disk drive. In some ways this has been a good problem to have because it indicates how the site has been growing!

Our systems team did some short-term clean-up that should solve the problem for now but they are also planning another maintenance operation on Wednesday, December 19th at 6am UTC (What time is that where I live?) Fanlore will be offline for about an hour.
Fanlore  Wiki-Committee  Announcement 
december 2012 by otw_news
Fanlore editing party! | Organization for Transformative Works
Another OTW term is ending and all of our volunteers accomplished many great things this year working on Fanlore. To celebrate, the Wiki Committee is inviting you to join a Fanlore editing chat on December 16, 1300-1700 UTC in the Fanlore chat room.
Wiki-Committee  Event  Fanlore 
december 2012 by otw_news
fanlore | Committee post: Category Post III Fan Communities
The wiki committee would like to offer our thanks to everyone who has commented on our recent posts about categories on Fanlore, Category proposal (May 21) and Category proposal II (June 18). Your input has been really helpful.

Based on those conversations and the conversations we've had within the committee, here's what we're now planning to do.

Fanlore will have overlapping categories under Fandoms by Canon Type so everyone can have the categories they find useful. Here's a diagram of (what we hope is) the final version of our category proposal
Fanlore  Anime-and-Manga  Wiki-Committee  Fandoms 
august 2012 by otw_news
Fanlore - Main Page
Welcome to the Fanlore wiki! Fanlore is a collaborative site by, for, and about fans and fan communities that create and consume fanworks. Here, you can read about fan activities, fannish vocabulary, and the histories of fan communities -- and add your own voice, memories, and experiences to our collective story
Fanlore  Resources-for-Fans 
july 2012 by otw_news
Fans on The Move | Organization for Transformative Works
In these tumultuous times of fans having multiple journals, websites, networks and streaming sites (with slightly different versions of their handle on each!), and with Web 2.0 companies and various hosting sites folding, failing, or cutting back on their services, we'd like to remind fans that they can use Fanlore to keep track of the fans, fan sites, fan fiction, art, vids, and other fanworks they love.

Remember: Fanlore is searchable and easily updatable, so make it easy for people to find your journals, webpages, and fanworks. You can also create pages for other people or add links to their pages, so if you just re-discovered a story or a vid you thought you'd lost, put the link into Fanlore so others can find it too!
Fanlore  Resources-for-Fans 
june 2012 by otw_news

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