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OTW Guest Post: Hansi Oppenheimer
This month's guest post is from Hansi Oppenheimer, a documentarian, acafan, and Professional Fangrrl whose interests are women in fandom, diverse representation and the impact of a fan-run con.
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december 2018 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Jordan Henry & Arielle Waldman
This month's guests Jordan Henry & Arielle Waldman are the creators of the Kylo Ren & Loki webseries Kyloki. Having met bonding over fandom, now they've discovered what it's like to receive fanworks about their creation! https://goo.gl/8fwZWF
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june 2018 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Discussing Fandom
Discussions of fandom & fanworks are all around us now, especially when a major fandom figure leaves us
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february 2016 by otw_news
The OTW Supports Fan Film Makers
The OTW Supports ‪Fan ‪Film Makers. Find out why ‪fan works are fair use. ‪http://bit.ly/1VJ7IKC
Fan-films  Intellectual-Property  Legal-Advocacy  Legal-Committee  Spotlight  from notes
january 2016 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Paying Tribute
Fans pay tribute to things they love in all sorts of ways & sometimes they’re paid tribute to in return
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december 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom in Motion
Fan films & art can convey a fandom’s enthusiasm for characters & storylines, but fans can also change loyalties http://bit.ly/21MqDbq
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december 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: No Place to Hide
TV spots & giveaways, crowdsourcing pleas, spinoff products: Fandom’s becoming marketing gold http://bit.ly/1HMG64z #youtube #fanfic
Business-models  Entertainment-Industries  News-of-Note  Fan-films  You-Tube  OTW_Fannews 
november 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Costs and Benefits
OTW Legal helps to spread the word about fanworks & fairuse while some companies prove to be it-getters.
Anime-and-Manga  Gaming  Legal-Committee  Education-and-Curriculum  Intellectual-Property  Audio-Fanworks  Fan-films  OTW_Fannews 
november 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Big Business Selfies
Cons & fandom tourism are becoming an economic shot in the arm of lots of places, and fanworks aren't far behind.
OTW_Fannews  Entertainment-Industries  Books  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Fan-conventions 
october 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom Effects
How are fans changing movie media, shipping discussions & understanding of media literacy?
Fan-films  Fanfiction  Movies  Books  OTW_Fannews 
august 2015 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Donna Davies
Donna Davies, creator of Fanarchy documentary, talks fannish love, fair use, and Storm in a new guestpost.
Entertainment-Industries  Fan-films  Fan-conventions  OTW-Sightings  Technology  Guest-Post 
july 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Securing a Place
Fanworks aren’t just a labor of love, they can be a long one. Why do we care so much & who’s profiting?
OTW_Fannews  Anime-and-Manga  Comics  Movies  Sports  Fan-art  Fan-films 
june 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: For the Benjamins
Whether projects about fans or projects by fans, is everyone going commercial?
Television  Commercial-Works-Authors  Commercialization-of-Fans  Gaming  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Fan-conventions 
april 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: It's Your Fault
The media's shifting from 'discovering' fanworks to deciding they're 'over' or at fault for remakes.
OTW_Fannews  Entertainment-Industries  Fanfiction  Gaming  Movies  Fan-films 
april 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Shark & Ranger Takedowns
Is copyright jumping the shark? When is a fan film not fairuse and will booksellers start stocking fanfic on their shelves?
DMCA  OTW_Fannews  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Television  Cosplay 
march 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Commercial Weirdness | Organization for Transformative Works
Instead of 'weird', 'gross' seems to be apropos for describing commercial exploitation of young fans
OTW_Fannews  Books  Business-models  Commercialization-of-Fans  Fan-films  Gender-and-Sexuality  Zines 
march 2015 by otw_news
Pick Some Fanworks for IFD Feedback Fest | Organization for Transformative Works
Celebrate International Fanworks Day by participating in the OTW’s Feedback Fest and drabble challenge, and don’t forget about tomorrow’s chat with authors Cecilia Tan, Tara Sue Me, and Racheline Maltese about why fanworks should be celebrated.
Audio-Fanworks  Fan-films  Fan-art  Fan-videos  Fanfiction  Announcement 
february 2015 by otw_news
Fannish Next of Kin
Thinking about your own death is difficult under normal circumstances. But what happens when you consider the effect it would have on your identity as a fan? If you’re like a lot of us, it probably comes with a moment of panic:

"What happens to all my fanworks?!"

AO3 has a fannish-next-of-kin option for account holders. Here’s why you might want to create one.
Abuse-Committee  Audio-Fanworks  Fan-art  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Open-Doors-Committee 
february 2015 by otw_news
Events Calendar for February
OTW’s celebrating IFD with an author chat & short form fanwork challenge, but there are other events coming.
Call-for-Papers  Conferences  Audio-Fanworks  Commercial-Works-Authors  Cosplay  Fan-conventions  Fan-videos  Fan-art  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Legal-Committee 
january 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Running the Gamut
Getting thinky about gaming, plus cosplay races, fanfic competitions and vlogs are all part of fandom today.
Academia  Books  Cosplay  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Fandoms  OTW_Fannews 
january 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fanwork Inspiration
Fanworks are created due to many different kinds of inspiration - but they don't just inspire fellow fans.
News-of-Note  OTW_Fannews  Movies  Academia  Fan-films  Fanfiction 
january 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Small Scale Fandom
Being a fan is both an individual & community practice & those experiences can be found around the world
Books  Fandoms  Fanfiction  Fannish-Practices  Fan-films  Movies  OTW_Fannews 
december 2014 by otw_news
International Fanworks Day is Coming | Organization for Transformative Works
International Fanworks Day is coming February 15! Let us know how your fandom communities plan to celebrate!
Audio-Fanworks  Fan-art  Fan-videos  Fandoms  Fanfiction  Fan-films 
december 2014 by otw_news
Events Calendar for December 2014
Banging, reverse banging, and plain old face-to-face, TWC is only one place that wants you in December.
Call-for-Papers  Audio-Fanworks  Fan-conventions  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Tumblr  Fannish-communities  Event 
december 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: What's a Fanwork?
Plays about fanfic , Rule 63 homages, tropes gone global & debates on who fits in what box—it’s still all fanwork to us
OTW_Fannews  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Theater  Gender-and-Sexuality 
november 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fitting in Fanworks
From school projects to creative cosplay & crowdsourced fanfilms, fans can fit in fanworks anywhere.
OTW_Fannews  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Cosplay  Fannish-Practices 
november 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Spotting Fanworks
How fanworks made for older fandoms compare to newer ones, and multimedia’s the future.
Audio-Fanworks  Fan-videos  Fan-films  Movies  Music  Television  You-Tube 
september 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Perspectives on fandom | Organization for Transformative Works
Fans have made fanfilms a draw, have changed TV reviewing, & now will be getting their own awards
OTW_Fannews  Fannish-communities  Commercialization-of-Fans  Books  Movies  Fan-films 
july 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: When fandoms hit the big time
Fandoms & fanworks aren’t in the shadows - they’re on bookshelves, in documentaries & in the streets.
Books  Music  Sports  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Fannish-communities  OTW_Fannews 
july 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fans taking the reins
Could you make your favorite content creator cry? Some fans have done it & created lots of great fanworks, too
Gaming  Movies  Music  Fan-art  Fan-films  Fan-videos  Television  OTW_Fannews 
april 2014 by otw_news
[META] The first 12 minutes of Backyard Blockbusters, a documentary on…
[META] The first 12 minutes of Backyard Blockbusters, a documentary on…
fanhackers  Fan-films 
june 2013 by otw_news
Links roundup for 9 August 2012 | Organization for Transformative Works
Here's a roundup of stories on fanworks created for new audiences that might be of interest to fans:
News-of-Note  Books  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Remix  OTW_Fannews 
august 2012 by otw_news

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