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Five Things Ariana Said
In this month’s Five Things, Ariana tells us how having a beta led to better things for her fanfic and volunteering for the OTW set her on a path to a multinational job. Plus, ever wonder what’s involved in importing an archive to the AO3?
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november 2018 by otw_news
Five Things Cosette Said
In February's Five Things, volunteer AO3 coder and OTW website staffer Cosette discusses her roles as well as what she enjoys brainstorming:
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february 2018 by otw_news
April Showers 2015 Roundup
OTW's April Showers ended last week but did you catch all the fandoms celebrated? You can still contribute & upload: http://bit.ly/1H3KYy0
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may 2015 by otw_news
Scheduled Downtime for AO3 and Fanlore
AO3 & Fanlore will be down for scheduled maintenance Friday 20th March from 17:30 to approximately 20:45 UTC.
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march 2015 by otw_news
Volunteer for the OTW & AO3
OTW needs Strategic Planning, Translation & Communications volunteers. Click for more or help by passing this on.
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march 2015 by otw_news
The OTW Needs More Volunteers!
OTW volunteers needed for Communications, Strategic Planning, Tag Wrangling, and Accessibility, Design & Technology.
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october 2014 by otw_news
April Showers 2014 Roundup | Organization for Transformative Works
April Showers has ended but you can catch up on what you missed & see which were the favorites this month!
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may 2014 by otw_news
AO3 Newsletter - May/June/July
Hello AO3! This newlestter has been, um, a long time coming for which we sincerely apologize. Here's what we've been up to in the past three months.
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july 2013 by otw_news
Archive of Our Own Newsletter - March/April 2013
March and April were busy busy busy months for the Archive. Our output included, among other things, a new header, an updated roadmap, and our annual April Showers promotion, a joint effort between Fanlore and the AO3 to highlight the fandoms you love!
Archive-of-Our-Own  Newsletter  Accessibility-Design-&-Technology-Committee  Tag-Wrangling-Committee  Support-Committee 
april 2013 by otw_news
Archive of Our Own Newsletter - January/February 2013
Welcome to the January-February Newsletter! We hope you had a good holiday season and are having a happy new year! Despite the term break in December, January was busy busy busy with upgrades and releases for all. February is also turning out to be a big month with releases, spotlights, tag wrangling fixes, and header posts galore! Here's what we've been up to:
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february 2013 by otw_news
2012 AO3 Milestones | Organization for Transformative Works
Back in 2010, we wrote a post heralding our first major milestone when we reached 100,000 works less than a year into our beta. (We should point out that another OTW project, Fanlore, also hit the 100,000 edit mark that same year!)
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january 2013 by otw_news
Archive of Our Own Newsletter - November-December 2012
Hello and Happy Holidays from the AO3! This newsletter contains all sorts of fun facts and news from the past two months - read on for updates in the world of the Archive in November and December.
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december 2012 by otw_news
AD&T Open House!
The Accessibility, Design and Technology Committee will be holding an open house to talk about our work and answer any questions you may have! (2011-10-28)
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august 2012 by otw_news
Update on AO3 performance issues | Organization for Transformative Works
Although the emergency fixes we've implemented haven't had as much impact as we'd hoped, we're confident that there are lots of things we can do to address the performance problems. We're now working on the following:

New search and browse code. As we announced in our previous post on performance issues, we've been working for some time on refactoring our search and browse code, which is used on some of the most popular pages and needs to be more efficient. This is almost ready to go -- in fact, we delayed putting it onto our test archive in order to test and implement some of the emergency fixes -- so as soon as we have been able to test it and verify that it's working as it should, then we will deploy this code.
More Squid caching. We weren't able to cache as many things as we'd initially hoped because the Squid caching threw up some really tricky bugs. We're continuing to work on that and we'll implement more caching across the site once we've tested it more thoroughly.
More servers. We're currently looking at purchasing a more robust database server and moving our old database server (aka 'the Beast') into an application slot, giving us three app servers. We'll also be upgrading the database software we use so that we can make the most of this server power.
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august 2012 by otw_news
AO3 performance issues | Organization for Transformative Works
We now get over a million and a half pageviews on an average day, often clustered at peak times in the evening (particularly when folks in the Western Hemisphere are home from work and school) - we were using a self-hosted analytics system to monitor site traffic, and we had to disable it because it was too overloaded to keep up. The traffic places high demands on our servers, and you see the 502 errors when the systems are getting more requests than they can handle. Ultimately we'll need to buy more servers to cope with rising demand, but there's ongoing work that we've done and need to continue to do to make our code more efficient. We've been working on long-term plans to improve our work and bookmark searching and browsing, since those are the pages that get the most traffic; right now, they present some challenges because they were designed and built when the site was much smaller. We've learned a lot about scaling over the years, but rewriting different areas of the code takes some time!
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august 2012 by otw_news

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