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OTW Guest Post: Judith Fathallah
Judith Fathallah has written about fanfiction and fandom, and her work was included in TWC during 2018. She discusses her article on hate blogs as well as revealing which fandom's WIP she's still waiting on.
Guest-Post  Academia  Fannish-Practices 
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Transformative Works and Cultures releases No. 28
TWC's 10th anniversary issue, No. 28, The Future of Fandom, is now here! Read about Cursed Child, cosplay, Dark Souls, Johnlock, Pokemon, Rogue One, Undertale, Donnie Yen and book reviews, such as for a fanfiction reader whose royalties support us at the OTW
Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Academia  Fandoms 
september 2018 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Una McCormack
This month's guest Una McCormack has written top selling Star Trek DS9 and Dr Who tie-in novels, and is an academic who has written about fandom, but there's a lot more to discuss when you've spent 40 years among fans
Guest-Post  Commercial-Works-Authors  Television  Academia 
september 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 93
This Week in Fandom: the life of a rarepair shipper; film fandom trends in Korea; an academic study of toxic Star Wars fandom; and more!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Fannish-Histories  Fannish-Practices  Movies  Academia 
september 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 86
This week in fandom: Send us your questions for Ngozi Ukazu; Star Wars fans and #FanArtForRose; networks distance themselves from Chris Hardwick; and JSTOR talks fandom.
This_Week_in_Fandom  Gender-and-Sexuality  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  Movies  Fan-art  Academia  Comics  Television 
june 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 85
This Week in Fandom: Do you have questions for Check Please creator Ngozi Ukazu? Do you like to write fannish meta? Are you fascinated by fandom statistics? Have you wondered about the origins of TJLC? If so, then this is the roundup for you!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Gender-and-Sexuality  Movies  Academia  Call-for-Papers  Fannish-Histories  Fannish-Practices  Television  Comics 
june 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 82
This Week in Fandom: fun with old headshot day; the birth of Wicomicon and FamCon; a new YA novel about fangirl life by Britta Lundin; an academic survey about fanfiction, and more!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Books  Movies  Fan-conventions  Fannish-Practices  Academia  Survey-Research 
may 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 79
This Week in Fandom: April Fool's jokes, Hugo Awards nominees, reaction to Ready Player One, and data about where fans gather
Academia  Books  Movies  Gender-and-Sexuality  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  Fannish-communities  Fannish-Practices  Television  Tumblr 
april 2018 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Catherine Coker
This month’s guest Cait Coker talks about women’s writing, book history & finding an entry to fandom at WalMart
Academia  Books  Fannish-Histories  Fanfiction  Guest-Post 
november 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 64
This Week in Fandom: a call for papers from the Fan Studies Network, Malaysia blocks fanfiction.net, and The Szechuan Incident.
This_Week_in_Fandom  Fanfiction  Call-for-Papers  Conferences  Academia  Fannish-communities  Technology 
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Support the OTW by Reading!
Want to read about fanfiction? There are various ways to support the Organization for Transformative Works but this might be the most fun: https://goo.gl/g3DnBw
Books  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Financial-support  Anniversary  Academia  Studies  Fanfiction 
september 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Henry Jenkins
For our anniversary Henry Jenkins talks fan studies, students, fandom changes over the years & why it's worth fighting for: http://goo.gl/fm19m5
Guest-Post  Academia  Anniversary  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures 
september 2017 by otw_news
Transformative Works and Cultures releases No. 25
TWC's issue 25 is out! Essay topics include book history, women's writing, Teen Wolf, World of Warcraft, Sherlock, cosplay, Lego, Harry Potter & more
Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Announcement  Journal-Committee  Fandoms  Academia  Studies 
september 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Mel Stanfill
Mel Stanfill wrote about fan labor in 2014 and about femslash in 2017. We take a look at fandom then & now https://goo.gl/qiUhYL
Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Academia  Fannish-Histories  Fannish-Practices  Guest-Post 
august 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 54
This Week in Fandom: Harry Potter's 20th anniversary, a legal victory for fair use, an academic survey on fanfiction, and more!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Books  Fanfiction  Movies  Intellectual-Property  Survey-Research  Academia  Gaming  Gender-and-Sexuality 
june 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Ann McClellan
Ann McClellan writes about Sherlock Holmes fandom in the latest issue of Transformative Works & Cultures, and tells us how fandom history was shaped. https://goo.gl/jZLjB5
Academia  Fannish-Histories  Books  Studies  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Guest-Post 
april 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 44
This Week in Fandom: Race, ethnicity, and nationality in media and fandom. Plus, March Madness and Fifty Shadeas wine (really).
This_Week_in_Fandom  Books  Academia  Movies  Television  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality 
march 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 43
This Week in #Fandom: A CFP for Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Conference, Disney pleasing and angering LGBT+ fans, and kpop in the Philippines
This_Week_in_Fandom  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  Gender-and-Sexuality  Movies  Television  Academia  Conferences  Call-for-Papers  Music 
march 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volum 40
This Week in Fandom: What deserves hype, is fandom the new cinephilia, how has fandom changed your life, and more.
This_Week_in_Fandom  Academia  Call-for-Papers  Fanfiction  Movies 
february 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 39
This Week in Fandom: An update on the Star Trek fanfilm Axanar, trends in acafandom, and OTW Legal is here to help.
This_Week_in_Fandom  Fanfiction  Fanfilms  Intellectual-Property  Academia 
january 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Smitha Milli
Smitha Milli tells us what she found when she analyzed fanfic feedback, plus how characters get depicted in fanfic as opposed to canon https://goo.gl/rVNOcS
Guest-Post  Academia  Studies  Fanfiction 
january 2017 by otw_news
Five Things Nele Noppe Said
In FiveThings, Nele Noppe discusses the purpose of Fanhackers, how she got into fan studies & making a difference.
Five-Things  fanhackers  Academia  Volunteering 
december 2016 by otw_news
Five Things Rrain Prior Said
In Five Things, Rrain Prior discusses working on Transformative Works and Cultures & how far back her fanfic goes.
Five-Things  Academia  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Journal-Committee  Volunteering 
november 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Sara Austin
Check out our Q&A with Sara Austin about her article in TWC studying queer identity in Monster High doll fandom
Academia  Television  Studies  Guest-Post 
october 2016 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 23
This Week in Fandom: Two fanstudies surveys, Flame Con 2 reflections, and Sports RPF.
This_Week_in_Fandom  Academia  Fan-conventions  Fanfiction  Fan-videos  Gender-and-Sexuality  Sports 
august 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Malory Beazley
"I’ve been most inspired by the compassion and generosity of fan creators. I’ve read incredible fics that have shifted my view on what makes great storytelling and inspired me to be a better writer. I’ve seen fan art that has moved me on a profound level and ignited my creative spark. I’ve watched fan films and theatrical productions that remind me that joy is the best motivator, not “shoulds” or “oughts.” "

Malory Beazley discusses FAN/FIC Magazine plans, her fanfic trilogy, and the tag whose growth she’s followed at AO3: http://goo.gl/nMaFff
Books  Fannish-Histories  Media  Guest-Post  Academia 
august 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Lynn Zubernis and Katherine Larsen
July's guest post is with Fangasm's Lynn Zubernis & Katherine Larsen. They discuss the surprises & difficulties of their academic projects, what they learned about fandom through Supernatural, and what's next on their agendas: http://goo.gl/aV95mm
Television  Academia  Studies  Guest-Post 
july 2016 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 15
This Week in Fandom: VidCon 2016 & the importance of community, Fan Studies Network 2016 conference, Transformative Works and Cultures call for papers, and fiery cosplay
This_Week_in_Fandom  Technology  Fan-conventions  Fannish-communities  Academia  Call-for-Papers 
june 2016 by otw_news
This Week In Fandom, Volume 14
This week in fandom: Anton Yelchin tributes, legal victory for Vimeo, call for How to Get Away With Murder research participants, and more.
Academia  Legal-Advocacy  Studies  This_Week_in_Fandom  Intellectual-Property  Fanfiction 
june 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Keidra Chaney
Keidra Chaney discusses her start in fandom, The Learned Fangirl's early days, & what she'd like to see more of
Guest-Post  Academia  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  Fannish-Histories 
june 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Emmanuelle Debats
Emmanuelle Debats discusses her fandom documentaries & what moved her the most in making sure that stories go on
Fannish-Histories  Fannish-Practices  Academia  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  Guest-Post  News-Media 
may 2016 by otw_news
Transformative Works and Cultures Volume 21
Transformative Works and Cultures releases Vol. 21, The Classical Canon and/as Transformative Work
Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Academia  Announcement 
march 2016 by otw_news
Help a Researcher Study Slash – Organization for Transformative Works
Do you read or write slash fanfic? If so, you can help a researcher study the relationship between media, slash fiction, and LGBTQ+ identity
Academia  Fanfiction 
february 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Elizabeth Minkel
Elizabeth Minkel talks about falling in/out/back in love with fandom & the importance of fanworks in her life.
Fanfiction  Academia  Guest-Post  Audio-Fanworks  Fandoms  from notes
february 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Olivia Riley
In today’s guest post, Olivia Riley talks about what she learned while writing her undergrad thesis on fanfic and the AO3
Fannish-Histories  Event  Academia  Studies  Guest-Post 
february 2016 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Museums of Faith
Fandom & fanworks cross over into other cultural spaces all the time. People are starting to take notice
Academia  Fan-conventions  Fannish-communities 
december 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Improve Your Life | Organization for Transformative Works
Want to stay healthy, do hands-on learning, or have the greatest day of your life? Fandom can get you there
Academia  Education-and-Curriculum  Music  Sports  Public-and-Private-Identities  News-of-Note  OTW_Fannews 
november 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Shouting it Out Loud
A new profession, a new relationship, understanding yourself, your favorite reads — it’s all part of being a fan
Fanfiction  Fannish-Histories  Academia  Gender-and-Sexuality  OTW_Fannews 
november 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Finding Connections
Fandom can be about finding connections and building great things together – here are some examples
Academia  Gender-and-Sexuality  Fandoms  Fan-art  Movies  Activism  OTW_Fannews 
september 2015 by otw_news
TWC Panel Chat Transcript
"Tumbler is kind of like Ulysses, only longer. But like Joyce, there are some sublime moments." - Amanda Odom

If you missed the TWC panel chat, the transcript is now available. Read about fannish networking, fan creations, fandom time travel & more http://bit.ly/1NFeSNj
Academia  Event  Fandoms  Fannish-Practices  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures 
september 2015 by otw_news
Spotlight on Journal: Twentieth Issue Celebration
Our TWC celebration continues today with a contributor Q&A discussing what makes for great reading, how works change in the publication process, and why it's no surprise TWC is still around http://bit.ly/1FPGA3x
Academia  Journal-Committee 
september 2015 by otw_news
Transformative Works and Cultures Releases Issue No. 20
Transformative Works and Cultures releases Issue No. 20! This milestone issue showcases the interdisciplinary nature of the field of fan studies. http://bit.ly/1OUFecR
Academia  Music  Movies  Books  Fanfiction  Comics  Fandoms  Journal-Committee  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  from notes
september 2015 by otw_news
Symposium: By and For Fans
Our weeklong celebration of TWC's 20th issue kicks off today with a look at its groundbreaking feature-Symposium http://bit.ly/1UPs9Ds
Academia  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Journal-Committee  Event  Call-for-Papers 
september 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Defying Expectations
Displaying your fandom doesn’t always bring happy results, but things can change & so can fandom's representation http://bit.ly/1KaDpEw
Academia  Sports  Movies  Gender-and-Sexuality  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  OTW_Fannews 
september 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom Bedfellows
Fandom as religion discussed, music fans dissected & fangirls in the commercial & porn spotlights.
OTW_Fannews  Academia  Conferences  Studies  Entertainment-Industries  Books  Music  You-Tube 
august 2015 by otw_news
Events Calendar for August 2015
In this month’s Events Calendar: Have thoughts on the stigma on women’s reading & writing? If so, a panel wants you!:
Event  Call-for-Papers  Academia  Fan-conventions  Gender-and-Sexuality 
august 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fannish Reading
Does fannish enthusiasm actually break business models? Or does it support new kinds of production?
News-of-Note  Academia  Commercialization-of-Fans  Commercial-Works-Authors  Books 
july 2015 by otw_news
Transformative Works and Cultures Releases Issue 19
TWC Issue 19 is out! Its Symposium section features essays on fandom in Germany, Sweden, Poland, France, Spain & Putin's Russia plus much more! http://bit.ly/1GfubFc
Academia  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Journal-Committee  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality 
june 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: At All Different Angles
Acafans & artists are observing fandom with all sorts of different angles & sharing their results: http://bit.ly/1BrD0KL
OTW_Fannews  Academia  Fanfiction  Music  Movies  Fan-art  from notes
may 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Doing it New School
Can stats be used to predict character survival? Also fanfic in the classroom & in life
OTW_Fannews  Academia  fanfiction  Gender-and-Sexuality  Women-in-technology  Education-and-Curriculum 
may 2015 by otw_news
Transformative Works and Cultures Releases Issue No. 18
TWC’s issue 18 is out & has articles on tattoos, cosplay, Doctor Who, conventions, LARP, Babylon 5 & more!
Academia  Cosplay  Fan-conventions  Fannish-Practices  Journal-Committee  Roleplaying  Announcement  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures 
march 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom Texts
Academics discuss studying fans & fans argue for why their fandoms are important in society.
Academia  Fandoms  Anime-and-Manga  Gender-and-Sexuality  OTW_Fannews  Books  Television 
march 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Running the Gamut
Getting thinky about gaming, plus cosplay races, fanfic competitions and vlogs are all part of fandom today.
Academia  Books  Cosplay  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Fandoms  OTW_Fannews 
january 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fanwork Inspiration
Fanworks are created due to many different kinds of inspiration - but they don't just inspire fellow fans.
News-of-Note  OTW_Fannews  Movies  Academia  Fan-films  Fanfiction 
january 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom Education
Who calls themselves a fan? About 40% of people surveyed, plus gamers get academic scholarships & fanfic is for families too.
OTW_Fannews  Academia  Education-and-Curriculum  Books  Business-models  Fanfiction  Gaming 
december 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom and Publishing
Fan studies has changed a lot, but you don’t have to be an academic to be thinky about fandom.
Academia  Anime-and-Manga  Books  Commercial-Works-Authors  Fanfiction  Fannish-Histories  Journal-Committee  OTW-Sightings  OTW_Fannews 
december 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Delving Into Fandom
OTW works with others concerned with preserving objects from the past as well as those working for a better future.
OTW_Fannews  Academia  Activism  Sports  Zines 
november 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Educated Readers | Organization for Transformative Works
Whether Supernatural fan fiction, Doctor Who at the library, or Minecraft guidebooks—fandom has young people reading!
OTW_Fannews  Academia  Education-and-Curriculum  Books  Fandoms  Fanfiction 
october 2014 by otw_news
Transformative Works and Cultures releases No. 16
TWC issue no. 16 on fan objects & object-oriented fandom is out! Articles explore fan films, the EMP museum, cosplay, vidding & more.
Journal-Committee  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Announcement  Academia  Studies 
june 2014 by otw_news
Events Calendar June 2014
The beginning of summer brings Teen Wolf and slash cons, Fanfiction challenges and more June Events
Event  Academia  Call-for-Papers  Conferences  Fanfiction  Fan-conventions  Television  Anime-and-Manga 
june 2014 by otw_news
TWC's Top 10
Ever wondered what are the most read articles on Transformative Works and Cultures? Read about cosplay to chiptunes or Dr. Who to Supernatural
Anime-and-Manga  Gender-and-Sexuality  Commercialization-of-Fans  Spotlight  Studies  Gaming  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Fanfiction  Music  Television  Fan-videos  Academia  Public-and-Private-Identities  Fannish-Practices  Journal-Committee 
may 2014 by otw_news
[META] transformativeworks: Fans should be concerned about open access…
[META] transformativeworks: Fans should be concerned about open access…
fanhackers  Academia 
march 2014 by otw_news
Discussing the Future of Fanworks in March | Organization for Transformative Works
As we mentioned during our milestone weekend, today we're announcing four events that will continue our focus on fanworks while celebrating the OTW's project milestones. Starting on March 8, each Saturday next month we will be featuring a discussion on "The Future of Fanworks" with a variety of special guests.
Legal-Advocacy  Academia  Fannish-Practices  Fannish-communities  Commercial-Works-Authors  Event 
february 2014 by otw_news
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