Going beyond average for reinforcement learning | DeepMind
"we show it is possible to model not only the average but also the full variation of this reward, what we call the value distribution. This results in RL systems that are more accurate and faster to train than previous models, and more importantly opens up the possibility of rethinking the whole of reinforcement learning"

source: Deep Learning Weekly
machine-learning  analysis 
13 days ago
Research Blog: An Update to Open Images - Now with Bounding-Boxes
"1.2M bounding-boxes around objects for 600 categories on the training set"

source: Deep Learning Weekly
machine-learning  data 
13 days ago
iOS 10.3 Beta 2 autodeletes keychain items afte... | Apple Developer Forums
"The conclusion from the Apple staff member is that the persistence of the keychain data across apps re-installs is a side-effect of the implementation rather than a feature, and that the behavior should not be relied upon."
ios  security  reference 
march 2017
swift-evolution/0111-remove-arg-label-type-significance.md at master · apple/swift-evolution
proposal: "Swift's type system should not allow function argument labels to be expressed as part of a function type."

Implemented in Swift 3.
swift  reference 
november 2016
Naiad - Microsoft Research
A dataflow looping and control structure referred to in tensorflow documentation
machine-learning  tensorflow  reference 
august 2016
A Sane Reference for TargetConditionals – carpeaqua
Some Apple target conditionals might not mean what you think they mean.
cool  ios  hardware  progamming  reference 
june 2016
App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer
Master reference. Contains links to all the other Development, Design and Marketing Guidelines.
ios  apple  reference 
june 2016
What's new in Swift 3.0: learn all the changes in one place – Hacking with Swift
I'm guessing the Swift 3 migration assistant in Xcode will have massive chops.
swift  programming  reference 
june 2016
Getting Pixels onto the Screen · objc.io
Such a great survey of GPU details under the hood for UIKit and AppKit developers.
cool  ios  gpu  reference 
january 2016
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