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CSS { In Real Life } | Animating CSS Grid
CSS In Real Life is a blog covering CSS topics and useful snippets on the web’s most beautiful language. Published by Michelle Barker, front end developer at Ordoo and CSS superfan.
animation  css  design  development  end  front  fun  grid  tutorial  visualization  web  webdesign 
9 weeks ago by otlib
CSS Grid Layout Interface Builder | LayoutIt!
Visual interface builder for CSS Grid that allows you to easily create and export your custom layouts (with legacy grid support).
css-grid  generator  html  ui  design  layout  webdev  grid  css  tools  cssgrid  tool  webdesign  via:popular 
july 2018 by otlib
Bret Victor, beast of burden
Bret Victor has been provided by the management for your protection.
design  inspiration  visualization  apple  webdesign  people  ui  programming  ux  portfolio 
april 2018 by otlib
How I built super fast JS framework – Mārcis Bergmanis – Medium
Discover & share this Animated GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs.
bestpractices  framework  performance  Archive  javascript  programming  tutorial  webdesign 
march 2018 by otlib
TACHYONS - Css Toolkit
Build beautiful, responsive, readable interfaces.
framework  css  design  web  dev  webdev  webdesign  responsive  development  css3 
february 2018 by otlib
A Whole Bunch of Amazing Stuff Pseudo Elements Can Do | CSS-Tricks
It's pretty amazing what you can do with the pseudo elements :before and :after. For every element on the page, you get two more free ones that you can do just about anything another HTML element could do. They unlock a whole lot of interesting design possibilities without negatively affecting the semantics of your markup. Here's a whole bunch of those amazing things. A roundup, if you will.
css  design  web  pseudo  webdesign  tips  webdev  after  before  element 
december 2017 by otlib
The Front-End Checklist - 🔥 Your NEW Front-End Tool 🔥
🗂 The Front-End Checklist Application is perfect for modern websites and meticulous developers! Follow the rules and deliver the best of your work in a generated report!
checklist  list  development  frontend  webdev  web  tools  via:popular  css  Webdesign 
december 2017 by otlib
Using CSS Grid: Supporting Browsers Without Grid — Smashing Magazine
When using any new CSS, the question of browser support has to be addressed. This is even more of a consideration when new CSS is used for layout as with Flexbox and CSS Grid, rather than things we might consider an enhancement.

In this article, I explore approaches to **dealing with browser support today**. What are the practical things we can do to allow us to use new CSS now and still give a great experience to the browsers that don't support it?
grid  layout  css  webdesign  fallbacks  cssgrid  ifttt  webdev  browsers  css-grid 
november 2017 by otlib
AdonisJs - Node.js web framework
AdonisJs is a Node.js web framework with breath of fresh air and drizzle of elegant syntax on top of it
applications  mvc  nodejs  framework  javascript  JS  Node  opensource  programming  webdesign 
november 2017 by otlib
Bourbon - A Lightweight Sass Tool Set
Bourbon is a lightweight Sass tool set that helps you write more effective stylesheets.
sass  rails  framework  css  library  Mixins  mixin  webdev  bourbon  webdesign 
november 2017 by otlib
CSS Reference - A free visual guide to CSS
CSS Reference is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.
css  design  development  reference  webdev  webdesign  web  flexbox  css3  via:popular 
november 2017 by otlib
Snipcart - Shopping Cart Platform for Any Website
Snipcart is a fully customizable, HTML and JavaScript-based shopping cart for any website. Get set up in seconds, integrate in minutes.
cart  shoppingcart  shopping  ecommerce  e-commerce  web  commerce  javascript  service  webdesign 
january 2017 by otlib
Web Developer Checklist
The ultimate checklist for all serious web developers building modern websites.
design  development  web  checklist  cheatsheet  WebDev  webdesign  tools  HTML  via:popular 
august 2016 by otlib
SumoMe - The Best Website Traffic Tools
SumoMe is a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website's traffic. The SumoMe tools are easy to install and work on any website.
marketing  analytics  tool  webdesign  business  webdev  abtesting  analysis  destinationlocal  digital-marketing 
january 2016 by otlib
Berta.me – Make your website | Classy and mobile-friendly themes
Create a beautiful portfolio, company site or online store with the Berta.me website builder. Creative people love our clean and simple design.
cms  web  portfolio  webdesign  free  art  content  website  berta  design 
december 2015 by otlib
CHEAP BUSINESS CAR LEASING from LING VALENTINE, from DRAGONS' DEN offers a range of CHEAP car leasing and contract hire options for business or personal use.
design  funny  cars  webdesign  bad  car  usability  web  advertising 
november 2015 by otlib
Page Weight Matters
Three years ago, while I was a web developer at YouTube, one of the senior engineers began a rant about the page weight of the video watch page being far too large. The page had ballooned to as high as 1.2MB and dozens of requests. This engineer... | Chris Zacharias | Founder of imgix. YCombinator alum. Ex-YouTuber. Studied New Media at RIT.
youtube  web  performance  optimization  webdesign  pageweight  Unread  development  internet  article 
october 2015 by otlib
Web design tool, CMS, and hosting platform | Webflow
Build dynamic, responsive websites in your browser. Launch with a click. Or export your squeaky-clean code to host wherever you'd like. Discover the professional website builder made for designers.
design  web  responsive  tool  webdesign  tools  css  webdev  prototyping  development 
october 2015 by otlib
A brief history of web design for designers. Explained with animations
How the web design evolved from tables and flash into responsive web design. A glimpse into the history on why design and code live separate lives.
history  design  web  css  animation  article  webdesign  html  colour 
december 2014 by otlib
A Guide to SVG Animations (SMIL) | CSS-Tricks
The following is a guest post by Sara Soueidan. Sara has a knack for digging deep into web features and explaining the heck out of them for the rest of us.
svg  css  animation  animations  webdesign  tutorial  howto  web 
november 2014 by otlib
Material UI
Google's material design UI components built with React.
design  css  react  webdesign  android  framework  material  google  material-design 
november 2014 by otlib
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