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CSS { In Real Life } | Animating CSS Grid
CSS In Real Life is a blog covering CSS topics and useful snippets on the web’s most beautiful language. Published by Michelle Barker, front end developer at Ordoo and CSS superfan.
animation  css  design  development  end  front  fun  grid  tutorial  visualization  web  webdesign 
8 weeks ago by otlib
Painting in PyQt5 - QPainter
In this part of the PyQt5 tutorial, we do
some painting. We use the following PyQt5 classes: QPainter, QPainterPath, QPen, QBrush, QFont, and QColor.
qpainter  pyqt  tutorial  painting  python  graphics  gui 
october 2018 by otlib
Microsoft Power BI Guided Learning - Power BI | Microsoft Docs
Start your learning journey with this sequenced collection of courses, and understand the extensive and powerful capabilities of Microsoft Power BI.
PowerBI  tutorial 
september 2018 by otlib
How I built super fast JS framework – Mārcis Bergmanis – Medium
Discover & share this Animated GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs.
bestpractices  framework  performance  Archive  javascript  programming  tutorial  webdesign 
march 2018 by otlib
A re-introduction to JavaScript (JS tutorial) - JavaScript | MDN
Why a re-introduction? Because JavaScript is notorious for being the world's most misunderstood programming language. It is often derided as being a toy, but beneath its layer of deceptive simplicity, powerful language features await. JavaScript is now used by an incredible number of high-profile applications, showing that deeper knowledge of this technology is an important skill for any web or mobile developer.
js  programming  javascript  tutorial  reference  introduction  learning  webdev  via:popular  Unread 
january 2018 by otlib
Robust Client-Side JavaScript – A Developer’s Guide · molily
Why do we need to talk about robust JavaScript and how do we achieve it?
js  book  web  javascript  WebDev  programming  reference  tutorial  bestpractices  books 
january 2018 by otlib
Learn web development | MDN
The aim of this area of MDN is not to take you from "beginner" to "expert" but to take you from "beginner" to "comfortable". From there you should be able to start making your own way, learning from the rest of MDN and other intermediate to advanced resources that assume a lot of previous knowledge.
html  web  programming  tutorial  education  coding  learning  JavaScript  CSS  dev 
december 2017 by otlib
Creating a CRUD App in Minutes with Angular's $resource
This article explores Angular's $resource, which provides an out of the box solution for working with RESTful APIs.
angularjs  api  Tutorial  $resource  Blog  crud  database  example  Guide  Howto 
november 2017 by otlib
Using Scrapy to Build your Own Dataset – Towards Data Science – Medium
When I first started working in industry, one of the things I quickly realized is sometimes you have to gather, organize, and clean your own data. For this tutorial, we will gather data from a…
scrapy  datamining  data  python  tutorial  web-scraping  dataset  open  research  webdev 
september 2017 by otlib
A real world guide to WebRTC
Learn what WebRTC is, how it works, what you need to get started and where this guide fits in
communication  webrtc  webdev  javascript  tutorial  p2p  howto  internet  networking  bestpractices 
july 2017 by otlib
Seeing Theory
A visual introduction to probability and statistics.
interactive  probability  data  statistics  visualization  math  tutorial  dataviz  theory  education 
march 2017 by otlib
The 30 Basic Vim Commands You'll Use Every Day
Vim can still be super helpful if all you know is a few commands. So I’ve compiled a few of the Vim commands that I use every day.
vi  cheatsheet  vim  editor  tutorial  programming  reference  tips 
april 2016 by otlib
Drawspace: Now everyone can draw
Drawspace.com offers diverse downloadable and printable drawing lessons featuring Brenda Hoddinott's unique and highly acclaimed style of teaching. Brenda is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing People, and Drawing for Dummies.
guide  drawing  draw  tutorial 
january 2016 by otlib
BetterExplained | Friendly lessons for lasting insight.
Popular Insights Intuitive Learning Arithmetic & Numbers Algebra & Counting Geometry Precalculus &
learning  programming  math  howto  education  reference  mathematics  explanations  tutorial  blog 
december 2015 by otlib
ChessOps - A Basic Chess Openings Guide
Website for interactive study of all major chess openings,
variations, gambits and defences, with over 5,500 illustrated positions.
chess  strategy  openings  games  reference  tutorial  game  howto  imported  learning 
december 2015 by otlib
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Emacs - Jessica Hamrick
I’ve been using Emacs () as my primary text editor for several years
now. It takes some getting used to – the keyboard shortcuts are …
programming  emacs  editor  tutorial  help  newbie  textediting  @emacs  @tutorials  CLI 
april 2015 by otlib
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