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Real world SSD wearout – okmeter.io blog
A year ago we’ve added SMART metrics collection to our monitoring agent that collects disk drive attributes on clients servers. Because we needed it to work without installing any additional…
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august 2018 by otlib
Our 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off | Backblaze Blog
Backblaze is transitioning from using 4 TB hard drives to using 6 TB hard drives in the Storage Pods we will be deploying over the coming months...
backblaze  storage  hn  hdd  backups  hardware  computing 
december 2014 by otlib
hubiC: Online storage for all your files – hubiC.com
Store it online with hubiC, synchronise your data across different devices and share your files in one click. 25 GB free.
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september 2014 by otlib
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