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Popular MIDIs — BitMidi
Listen to free MIDI songs, download the best MIDI files, and share the best MIDIs on the web.
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september 2018 by otlib
uxdesign.cc – UX Design Collective
Curated stories on user experience, usability, and product design. By @fabriciot and @caioab.
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january 2018 by otlib
Logo Crunch - The multi-resolution logo maker
Make your logo multi-resolution in less than a minute. Generate an instant favicon for your website, iOS or Android
logo  tool  favicon  resize  resources  design  graphics  tools  webdev  Crisp 
september 2017 by otlib
What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?
Get started learning all about SEO from the industry's most trusted source, Search Engine Land. Review basics of search engine optimization, ranking factors & more.
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may 2017 by otlib
68 Resources on creating programming languages
A guide to create programming languages presenting an organized list of selected articles, books, tutorials, and tools on designing languages and compilers.
parsing  compiler  programming  language  dev  create  Design  implementation  programming-language  resources 
april 2017 by otlib
Best Business Websites: 25 Sites All Entrepreneurs Should Know About
25 of the best business websites to help every entrepreneur or startup. These sites cover everything: funding, eCommerce, web design, marketing and more.
startup  founder  #Growthhack  business  cs  funder  IFTTT  links  list  resources 
april 2017 by otlib
Noesis Technologies
Software development company specialized in interactive 3D graphics. Creators of NoesisGUI.
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july 2016 by otlib
Useful links for Everquest | EverQuest Forums
Everquest Maps

For Everquest maps there are two very good sites.

For older Everquest maps up to VoA there is mapfiend.net

And for newer maps for...
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september 2015 by otlib
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