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codecademy too easy, coderbyte too difficult : learnjavascript
Learning javascript, worked through all the codecademy courses very easily. I've gotten about halfway through the coderbyte easy problems but am...
javascript  programming  hn  learning  books  reddit 
9 weeks ago by otlib
I've just discovered Bootstrap...What else have I been missing out on? : webdev
For some reason I've been stubbornly opposing using anything I haven't written in my projects. But the other day I gave bootstrap a go and it's...
reddit  webdev  tools  links  programming  html  css  php  python  javascript  ide  framework 
june 2017 by otlib
Do you make money online - without teaching people how to make money online? : Entrepreneur
Hey everyone, This is a constant internal battle I've had for a while now and I am just curious - does anyone in here make a good living from...
reddit  games  money  affiliate  marketing  google  business  amazon  ebay 
february 2016 by otlib
Devalate | Dev News
A compiled list of current news and articles procured from various sites into a simple list for your viewing pleasure.
aggregator  programming  procrastination  reddit  proggit  aggregrator 
november 2015 by otlib
1-year-later follow up: IamA Small Business owner. A little over two years ago I quit my full time job to run my own software company, and turned a profit. AMA! : IAmA
This is a follow up to my original post that I made a little over a year ago - [IamaA small business owner - A year ago I quit my day job to run...
programming  computerscience  links  twitter  iama  reddit  gaming 
september 2015 by otlib
What non-fiction books have you read so far this year? What did you think of them? : books
Most of the threads in this subreddit end up being about fiction. On one level, there's nothing wrong with that, since fiction can be great. But,...
books  toread  nonfiction  history  reddit  ebooks 
august 2015 by otlib
Main is usually a function. So then when is it not?
It began when my coworker, despite already knowing how to program, was forced to take the intro level Computer Science course at my university. We joked with...
programming  compiler  assembler  coding  reddit 
january 2015 by otlib
The reddit Front Page is Not a Meritocracy - Todd W. Schneider
I was pleasantly surprised when somebody shared my traveling salesman animation to reddit and the post made it all the way to reddit’s default …
statistics  data  reddit  analysis  articles  r  IFTTT  visualization  algorithm 
november 2014 by otlib
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