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dumber phone - nomasters
Less is exponentially more – Rob Pike
Smart phones are useful, but they are also incredibly addictive, and that addiction is at the epicenter of Silicon Valley’s effort to grab an ever increasing percentage of our minds. In that a substance or behavior controls us, it becomes our master, and that just won’t do.
For the humor of it, lets use this webMD post and only slightly modify key signature behaviors outlined to describe smart phone usage addiction:
attention  living  lifehacks  health  phone  mobile  nice-thinking  psychology  social-media  STEM 
april 2018 by otlib
The Mobile Bank — N26 Europe
N26 is the Mobile Bank. Free bank account and Mastercard that you can manage directly from your phone. Open your bank account online in 8 minutes.
account  bank  finance  design  banking  europe  fintech  inspiration  mobile  n26 
january 2018 by otlib
Battle Scars
Amir Rajan tells the success story of his mobile game called "A Dark Room", which hit #1 on the App Store and grossed over $800,000.
inspirational  feedly  ifttt  mobile  nice-thinking  Pocket  startups  via:HN  videogames 
december 2017 by otlib
Quasar Framework
Quasar Framework - Build desktop & phone/tablet apps simultaneously
vuejs  vue  framework  javascript  mobile  development  Quasar  ui  android  2017 
december 2017 by otlib
Bjango Articles
Articles about design, Photoshop and Bjango.
learning  design  photoshop  ui  mobile  alan  articles  blog  Bookmarks_Bar  dickinson 
august 2017 by otlib
The scientific link between boredom and creativity — Quartz
As an only child who grew up before the rise of the Internet, boredom was my constant companion. Summers were an endless stretch of riding my bike around town, reading, and staring up into the sky, imagining stories that I later wrote into my tattered journals. This tendency toward unscheduled downtime carried over into adulthood,...
boredom  addiction  mobile  archive  compulsive.behavior  from-instapaper  IFTTT  Instapaper 
july 2017 by otlib
iPhone 6 Screen Size and Mobile Design Tips - Updated for iPhone 7!
The iPhone 6 screen size is both wider & taller; the iPhone 6 Plus has a higher pixel density. Read on for all the sizes you need to know. iPhone 7 Updated!
iphone  design  ui  ios  mobile  升级和适配  css  development  dimensions  frontend 
june 2017 by otlib
JavaScript Start-up Performance – Dev Channel – Medium
As web developers, we know how easy it is to end up with web page bloat. But loading a webpage is much more than shipping bytes down the wire. Once the browser has downloaded our page’s scripts it…
javascript  mobile  performance  startup  apple  microsoft  programming 
february 2017 by otlib
Intuitive Design vs. Shareable Design
Snapchat’s interface baffles a lot of people. Not to pick on older folks, but people over a certain age tend to have a hard time figuring out how to do the most basic things with Snapchat, like…
snapchat  gui  ui  design  mobile  wtf  critique  shareable  intuitive 
december 2016 by otlib
Create Your First AMP Page
Not sure how to get started? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a basic AMP HTML page, how to stage it and validate that it’s AMP compliant, and fi...
google  amp  webdev  html  mobile 
february 2016 by otlib
Android Studio vs. Eclipse: What You Need To Know
What you need to know before transitioning your Android project from Eclipse to Android Studio.
android  studio  development  java  intel  eclipse  google  mobile 
february 2016 by otlib
Does Anyone Here Have Experience Making Money From a Mobile Game? (Any Revenue at All) : Entrepreneur
Hi, I've been working with another Redditor for about three quarters of a year now on a phone game called Safari Frenzi. We are about two months...
mobile  ios  appdev  webdev  monetization  marketing 
october 2015 by otlib
Make Money Online: Documenting 10 Years of Failure
My history of attempting to make money online. Here's what worked and what didn't over the last ten years.
toread  advice  business  interesting  seo  spam  affiliate  marketing  mobile  advertising  ibm  google 
march 2015 by otlib
Shitphone: A Love Story — Matter — Medium
My iPhone was magical, powerful, maddening. Then Shitphone changed everything.
technology  consumerism  electronics  apple  tech  android  criticism  instapaper  mobile  amazon 
march 2015 by otlib
How I Got to the App Store Top With a Simple Currency App
I will tell you how I’ve created quite an ordinary and not at all innovative application that has become objectively
app  development  iOS  Apple  business  advice  mobile  apps  appstore  forex  russia  usd 
february 2015 by otlib
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