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A Dozen Lessons about Business and Investing from Poker | 25iq
  You can’t write about the relationship between games and investing without quoting Michael Mauboussin. I will do so often in this post. He is the master. Read his books. All of them. Then read them again. Set out below are the usual dozen lessons you can learn from poker: “Poker is a game where you…
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august 2017 by otlib
Game Theory As A Dark Art - Less Wrong
One of the most charming features of game theory is the almost limitless depths of evil to which it can sink.Your garden-variety evils act against your values.
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october 2015 by otlib
The Logical Fallacy of Generalization from Fictional Evidence - Less Wrong
When I try to introduce the subject of advanced AI, what's the first thing I hear, more than half the time?
"Oh, you mean like the Terminator movies / the Matri
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october 2015 by otlib
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