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I've just discovered Bootstrap...What else have I been missing out on? : webdev
For some reason I've been stubbornly opposing using anything I haven't written in my projects. But the other day I gave bootstrap a go and it's...
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june 2017 by otlib
Best Business Websites: 25 Sites All Entrepreneurs Should Know About
25 of the best business websites to help every entrepreneur or startup. These sites cover everything: funding, eCommerce, web design, marketing and more.
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april 2017 by otlib
Chess Links and Websites
Live ranklist of top chess links and websites by traffic and popularity
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october 2015 by otlib
Useful links for Everquest | EverQuest Forums
Everquest Maps

For Everquest maps there are two very good sites.

For older Everquest maps up to VoA there is mapfiend.net

And for newer maps for...
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september 2015 by otlib
1-year-later follow up: IamA Small Business owner. A little over two years ago I quit my full time job to run my own software company, and turned a profit. AMA! : IAmA
This is a follow up to my original post that I made a little over a year ago - [IamaA small business owner - A year ago I quit my day job to run...
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september 2015 by otlib

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