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Ten Things I Learned from a Job Hunt for a Senior Engineering Role
I recently went on a search for a new full time gig and I learned that today’s job search is not what it used to be. Here’s the quick summary of what I lear...
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april 2018 by otlib
Workshop - Get great clients sent to you everyday
Get over 200+ hand selected freelance web consulting leads sent to your inbox every week
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april 2017 by otlib
Who Is Hiring? - The Map With Jobs for Developers, Designers and Management in IT
The map with the collection of jobs for Software Engineers, Software developers, Programmers, Designers and remote. Aggregator of job post from Hacker News, Stack Overflow, Github, and many more ...
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january 2017 by otlib
Startups and Shit, How to get rich in tech, guaranteed.
How to get rich in tech, guaranteed. Today’s NYT article on how employees sometimes lose out is a great read. Employees who like that, might also like Hunter’s article from last week on (not) getting...
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december 2015 by otlib
Big company vs. startup work and compensation
There’s a meme that’s been going around for a while now: you should join a startup because the money is better and the work is more technically …
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december 2015 by otlib
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