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CSS Style Guides | CSS-Tricks
As we wrap up our recent poll on ordering CSS properties, it brings up the larger issue of CSS style guides. Ordering properties is just one choice you hav
guidelines  styleguide  style  css  webdev  csstricks  guide  styleguides  2012  Archive 
february 2018 by otlib
Creating a CRUD App in Minutes with Angular's $resource
This article explores Angular's $resource, which provides an out of the box solution for working with RESTful APIs.
angularjs  api  Tutorial  $resource  Blog  crud  database  example  Guide  Howto 
november 2017 by otlib
131 Actionable Ideas from Ten Books I Wish I Had Read Ages Ago
I highly recommend you read these books and form your own takes. But if you only have 45–90 seconds time blocks, here is a list of times to go through the actionable ideas from each book. · Forge…
books  lifehackporn  wtf  fail  lifehacks  reading  guide  productivity  toread 
may 2017 by otlib
What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?
Get started learning all about SEO from the industry's most trusted source, Search Engine Land. Review basics of search engine optimization, ranking factors & more.
guide  search  seo  resources  tips  Archive  Bookmarks_Bar  engine  ifttt  reference 
may 2017 by otlib
Advanced Loot System FAQ | EverQuest Forums
Q: Help! I can’t get past character select!

A: There are many updates to the UI related to the advanced loot system. Please reset your UI to the default...
advancedloot  loot  everquest  mmo  daybreak  guide  forum 
march 2017 by otlib
Master web development with these 9,985 weird tricks
Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce you to Know It All, a tool to help you discover what you don’t yet know about web development. A few months ago I was lucky enough to come down with a…
html  css  javascript  webdev  tool  guide 
january 2017 by otlib
The Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learnings – Medium
Machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML and AI) have seized Tech mindshare in a way few topics have in recent memory. A couple months ago I noticed people talking about artificial…
ml  ai  machinelearning  guide  science  computerscience  programming  math  statistics  sources  news 
november 2016 by otlib
box bard melody | EverQuest Forums
ok maybe I am not seeing what i need if so link the thread but if not would like the help for wife.

need a melody setup for a box bard for the following...
bard  everquest  tune  guide  forum 
november 2016 by otlib
The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work - Zapier
Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps.
remote  culture  work  career  management  business  guide  IFTTT  startup  ebook 
november 2016 by otlib
My journey to becoming a web developer from scratch without a CS degree, 2 years later (and what I… — Medium
First, let me introduce myself; My name is Sergei Garcia, and I’m a full-time front end developer with 2 years experience, and in that time…
javascript  webdev  medium  css  html  programming  learning  guide  books  blog 
august 2016 by otlib
Mage guide - Phantom Assassin - Zek - Everquest - Guild Hosting - Gamer Launch
Mage guide - Viewtopic for the Guild website for Phantom Assassin on the Zek server of Everquest.
magician  mage  everquest  guide  mmo 
july 2016 by otlib
Proper Care and Feeding of Heroic Bards | EverQuest Forums
Quick and dirty version:

/join serverwide.bards:bards

Spellbar (Level 85 - melee group) =
1 - Aria of the Poet
2 - Arcane Arietta
3 - War March of...
bards  everquest  guide  forum  daybreak  bard 
july 2016 by otlib
Can you teach me how to Dougie? (105 wizard edition) | EverQuest Forums
…not really, man, you gotta get out there and do it. Feel me? But yo, I can show you a couple moves…

First, a multibind. Two, actually. Constructed on...
wizard  everquest  guide  mmorpg  daybreak  forum 
june 2016 by otlib
Enchanter -- Basic Pulling Tactics | EverQuest Forums
The Basics:
we can begin, we must first look at the required AA's and Spells.They
are not all completely necessary, however pulling as an...
pulling  everquest  guide  forum 
june 2016 by otlib
Mechanical Keyboard Guide | Das Keyboard Blog
Are you sitting there typing on your computer wondering what makes Das Keyboards such high quality keyboards? Maybe you think mechanical keyboards are only 80's
keyboard  mechanical  hardware  it  pc  guide 
june 2016 by otlib
What does eBay REALLY do about non-paying bidders?... - The eBay Community
or pay for the item. A quick look at his feedback shows 24 with 100% positive, HOWEVER, taking a closer look.... 7 of the 24 are from seller's
ebay  npb  policy  tips  guide  forum 
may 2016 by otlib
Manipulating Windows in Game [Archive] - MMOBugs - Cheat Smarter
[Archive] Manipulating Windows in Game EverQuest MacroQuest2 Macros, HUDS & UI's
macroquest  mq2  everquest  guide  inventory  ui  gui  xml 
april 2016 by otlib
100 SK vs Warrior Merc in CotF - please help | EverQuest Forums
I am having a really hard time tanking in CotF, even in the open zones. I have >89k HP, 8253AC self buffed, 7350 AAs. I'm wearing full Latent gear. I run...
sk  everquest  forum  daybreak  tanking  guide 
march 2016 by otlib
Android SDK tutorial for beginners | AndroidAuthority
The Android SDK is a software development kit that includes all the necessary libraries and files for developers to make apps for Android.
android  tutorials  development  guide  tips  sdk 
february 2016 by otlib
Drawspace: Now everyone can draw
Drawspace.com offers diverse downloadable and printable drawing lessons featuring Brenda Hoddinott's unique and highly acclaimed style of teaching. Brenda is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing People, and Drawing for Dummies.
guide  drawing  draw  tutorial 
january 2016 by otlib
Bluff Your Way through React at the Dev Christmas Party
Are you thinking of trying React but aren't sure where to start? Then Craig Bilner's yuletide round up of React and the surrounding technologies is for you.
react  javascript  angular  css  html  webdev  programming  sitepoint  guide  funny 
december 2015 by otlib
Buffs & Debuffs - Zliz's EverQuest Compendium
Read about Buffs & Debuffs on Zliz's EverQuest Compendium: A complete guide to the MMORPG EverQuest 1. Learn about game mechanics, read guides, technical tips and references.
everquest  guide  buffs  mmo 
november 2015 by otlib
So /r/java what have I missed in... err.. 15 years? : java
Hi Everyone, I'm returning to Java after a *long* time away. How long? Long enough that AWT was still hot, long. I've been coding all this time in...
java  language  programming  features  guide 
october 2015 by otlib
Useful links for Everquest | EverQuest Forums
Everquest Maps

For Everquest maps there are two very good sites.

For older Everquest maps up to VoA there is mapfiend.net

And for newer maps for...
everquest  links  mmo  daybreak  quests  forums  web  guide  resources 
september 2015 by otlib
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