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Painting in PyQt5 - QPainter
In this part of the PyQt5 tutorial, we do
some painting. We use the following PyQt5 classes: QPainter, QPainterPath, QPen, QBrush, QFont, and QColor.
qpainter  pyqt  tutorial  painting  python  graphics  gui 
october 2018 by otlib
Logo Crunch - The multi-resolution logo maker
Make your logo multi-resolution in less than a minute. Generate an instant favicon for your website, iOS or Android
logo  tool  favicon  resize  resources  design  graphics  tools  webdev  Crisp 
september 2017 by otlib
GitHub - mntmn/amiga2000-gfxcard: MNT VA2000, an Amiga 2000 Graphics Card (Zorro II), written in Verilog
amiga2000-gfxcard - MNT VA2000, an Amiga 2000 Graphics Card (Zorro II), written in Verilog
hardware  verilog  electronics  fpga  amiga  awesome  diy  github  gpu  graphics 
april 2016 by otlib
Matt's Webcorner - BaseCode
This is my common code base used by all of my projects.
directx  gamedev  programming  xna  graphics 
november 2015 by otlib
Browse Art - DeviantArt
DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.
deviantart  art  usa  presidents  wtf  funny  humor  graphics 
october 2015 by otlib
Low Poly 3D Models and Game Textures – Bitgem
Bitgem's Official 3D Asset Store - Low poly game characters, buildings, props and textures for indie game developers. Free 3d models and weekly specials.
game  3d  2d  assets  graphics  visual  store 
september 2015 by otlib
Replacing Photoshop With NSString - The Guinea Pig in the Cocoa Mine
Hello, beautiful reddit people! If you like this post, it would be awesome if you’d check my app Findings, a lab notebook app for scientists …
programming  ascii  objective-c  icons  ios  graphics  design  osx  IFTTT  objc 
march 2015 by otlib
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