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Why the coming-of-age narrative is a conformist lie | Aeon Essays
How can you go about finding ‘who you really are’ if the whole idea of the one true self is a big fabrication?
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september 2017 by otlib
A flight to the future. A new world to consider.
Please use caution when opening the overhead bins, the future may have shifted mid-flight.
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july 2017 by otlib
Other founders of the "Golden Age" of Sicience Fiction - MobileRead Forums
Other founders of the "Golden Age" of Sicience Fiction General Discussions
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june 2017 by otlib
10 books that will make you a better writer (and why)
Last week, I wrote about 25 habits that will make you a better writer. This week, I thought — let’s dive into books. After twenty-plus years writing, I’ve collected some resources that I absolutely…
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april 2017 by otlib
Shakespeare’s Vocabulary Considered Unexceptional | zwischenzugs
Shakespeare's Vocabulary Considered Unexceptional Summary Shakespeare's vocabulary is held to be extraordinary among writers. Its relative enormity is unquestioned in the popular and academic literature, bolstered by - and reflexively reaffirming - the peculiar status Shakespeare holds within our culture. 1 A few simple programs were written to analyse his and other writers' works whose…
literature  data  words  science  datascience  fiction  analysis 
march 2017 by otlib
Snow Crash Revisited: Grokking a Satire of Mimesis
The other day, I found myself in an intense conversation about the potential of shared virtual reality with a senior engineer at one of the…
art  books  scifi  future  snowcrash  satire  fiction 
september 2016 by otlib
Dostoevsky Did Say It: A Response to David E. Cortesi
A response to David E. Cortesi's argument that Fyodor Dostoyevsky never said: If God does not exist, then everything is permitted
dostoyevsky  literature  fiction  philosophy  god  religion  russia  critique 
january 2016 by otlib
The Logical Fallacy of Generalization from Fictional Evidence - Less Wrong
When I try to introduce the subject of advanced AI, what's the first thing I hear, more than half the time?
"Oh, you mean like the Terminator movies / the Matri
yudkowsky  rationality  logic  fiction  robots  ai  article  toread 
october 2015 by otlib
'The Man in the High Castle': When a Nazi-Run World Isn't So Dystopian - The Atlantic
Amazon's new TV series simplifies (and inverts) novelist Philip K. Dick's original, more sinister vision of everyday evil.
scifi  review  fiction  television  writing  tv  history  philipkdick  amazon 
february 2015 by otlib
Can William Gibson Predict the Future?
Sci-fi novelist William Gibson writes dystopian thrillers that have an eerie habit of coming true. Which is a little unsettling, actually, because his new book, The Peripheral, is his most dire yet. Zach Baron asks the author about what's next for the human race
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october 2014 by otlib
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