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Battle Scars
Amir Rajan tells the success story of his mobile game called "A Dark Room", which hit #1 on the App Store and grossed over $800,000.
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december 2017 by otlib
How I learned to stop worrying (mostly) and love my threat model | Ars Technica
Reducing privacy and security risks starts with knowing what the threats really are.
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july 2017 by otlib
The complete history of the IBM PC, part one: The deal of the century | Ars Technica
Bill Gates, mysterious deaths, and the business machine that sparked a home revolution.
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july 2017 by otlib
Diving deep into the world of emergent gravity | Ars Technica
Getting rid of dark matter would be a big ordeal, so we talk to the man behind the theory.
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may 2017 by otlib
Focus on What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest · An A List Apart Article
Play to your strengths, and outsource everything that slows you down or makes you less productive.
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april 2017 by otlib
A Detailed Introduction To Webpack – Smashing Magazine
Webpack is a powerful tool that bundles your app source code efficiently and loads that code from a server into a browser.
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february 2017 by otlib
How to Sleep - The Atlantic
Should you drink more coffee? Should you take melatonin? Can you train yourself to need less sleep? A physician’s guide to sleep in a stressful age.
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december 2016 by otlib
How to Teach Students Grit - The Atlantic
In recent years, the idea that educators should be teaching kids qualities like grit and self-control has caught on. Successful strategies, though, are hard to come by.
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june 2016 by otlib
When did we stop caring about memory management? - Scott Hanselman
Scott Hanselman on Programming, The Web, Open Source, .NET, The Cloud and More
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january 2016 by otlib
Can you think yourself into a different person? | Ars Technica
“You may be given certain genes but what you do in your life changes your brain..."
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november 2015 by otlib
A Quasipolynomial Time Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism: The Details | Math ∩ Programming
Laszlo Babai has claimed an astounding theorem, that the Graph Isomorphism problem can be solved in quasipolynomial time. On Tuesday I was at Babai's talk on this topic (he has yet to release a preprint), and I've compiled my notes here. As in Babai's talk, familiarity with basic group theory and graph theory is assumed, and if you're a casual…
computer-science  computation  mathematics  graph-theroy  Complexity  dplatech  Feedly  for  Graph  graphs 
november 2015 by otlib
How the Ballpoint Pen Changed Handwriting - The Atlantic
Thicker ink, fewer smudges, and more strained hands: an Object Lesson
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august 2015 by otlib
How to succeed in business—er, remote IT work—without really trying | Ars Technica
There is no cure-all device for tech illiteracy, and you can do better than GoToMyPC.
feedly  it  computers  business  for  from-pocket  home  IFTTT  Later  longreads 
august 2015 by otlib
Let's Encrypt Root and Intermediate Certificates
Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). ISRG is a California public benefit corporation, and is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
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june 2015 by otlib
Where the Real Skyscrapers Are (Hint: North Dakota) — re:form — Medium
The tallest structures in the world are not designed by starchitects, and you’ve likely never seen them
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march 2015 by otlib

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