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A Simpler Page · An A List Apart Article
Want to design a book? There are mountains of beautifully designed examples to inspire you. But what about digital books? How do you create elegantly typeset, gloriously balanced reading experiences when tablets render type differently and support different fonts, text can extend in every direction, and type can change size? Craig Mod (Flipboard, Art Space Tokyo) addresses these questions and presents the initial release of Bibliotype, an HTML baseline typography library for tablet r...
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january 2018 by otlib
eReaderIQ | The Easier, Faster, Smarter Way to Kindle
Try our Kindle Price Drop notifications, our Advanced Kindle Search, our Kindle Author Tracker and sign up for our Daily Deals & Steals email featuring free and bargain bestsellers.
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april 2017 by otlib
Displays: OLED-LCD-TFT: e-Paper Displays
LCD OLED TFT Displays, Beck Compact Module (BCM) und Accessories: A/D Boards, Inverter, Cables, Demo Kits
eink  lcd  oled  epaper  ebooks  supply  beck  germany  wholesale 
december 2015 by otlib
$25K in book sales, and I'm almost ready to publish | Server Check.in
I started writing my first book almost two years ago. At the beginning of the project, I set an ambitious goal: Write a 90-page introductory-level technical book on some relatively new software, and sell 200 copies. As a developer and dabbling entrepreneur, I calculated that if I sold the book for around $10-20, and wrote the book based on real-world scenarios I'd already encountered (meaning very little extra research/discovery required), I could make enough money to keep things int...
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october 2015 by otlib
What non-fiction books have you read so far this year? What did you think of them? : books
Most of the threads in this subreddit end up being about fiction. On one level, there's nothing wrong with that, since fiction can be great. But,...
books  toread  nonfiction  history  reddit  ebooks 
august 2015 by otlib
Booktype  |  Sourcefabric
Booktype: Turn intellectual property into beautiful, professional books.
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march 2015 by otlib
“The Differences between Amazon and Smashwords” – Roger Gerald Scott | Authors Helping Authors
Since I started text formatting services a few years ago, the question I get asked most is what is the difference between Smashwords and Amazon and do I really need to publish on both? Estimates vary from person to person but generally it’s safe to assume that, at the present time in the USA, Apple’s…
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october 2014 by otlib
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