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The future of WebAssembly - A look at upcoming features and proposals
WebAssembly is a performance optimised virtual machine that was shipped in all four major browsers earlier this year. It is a nascent technology and the current version is very much an MVP. This blog post takes a look at the WebAssembly roadmap and the features it might gain in the near future.
webassembly  IFTTT  Pocket 
july 2018 by otlib
Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30? - The New York Times
The period for making B.F.F.’s, the way you did in your teens or early 20s, is pretty much over. It’s time to resign yourself to situational adult friends.
friendship  friends  life  IFTTT  Pocket  aging  lifestyle  nytimes  relationships  society 
february 2018 by otlib
Stripe Atlas: Software as a Service, as a business
Stripe Atlas’ guide to understanding low-touch and high-touch SaaS businesses
stripe  saas  business  IFTTT  Pocket  Archive  articles  howto  mustread  reference 
february 2018 by otlib
The Follower Factory - The New York Times
Everyone wants to be popular online. Some even pay for it. Inside social media’s black market.
bots  twitter  IFTTT  Pocket  Archive  instapaper  nyt  2016_populism  2018  Article 
january 2018 by otlib
About - Nulis
Nulis makes the process of outlining your stories, articles, or books easy, fun, and convenient.
editor  writing  writting  apps_osx  Bookmarks_bar  Check_out  editors  IFTTT  Pocket  snowflake 
january 2018 by otlib
Battle Scars
Amir Rajan tells the success story of his mobile game called "A Dark Room", which hit #1 on the App Store and grossed over $800,000.
inspirational  feedly  ifttt  mobile  nice-thinking  Pocket  startups  via:HN  videogames 
december 2017 by otlib
Chrome is Not the Standard · Chris Krycho
No single browser vendor represents ”the future of the web.” Each ships in line with its own business priorities. And that's a good thing.
progressive-web-apps  IFTTT  Pocket  chrome  internet  readlater  standard  standards  toread  web 
december 2017 by otlib
Why You're Resistant to Being Productive
A friend was telling me yesterday that he’s been struggling to get daily tasks done. He’d rather just put them off. But this friend might as well be me, or probably you. Sometimes we go through period...
productivity  procrastination  IFTTT  interesting  Pocket  psychology  tips 
november 2017 by otlib
Flexbox and Grids, your layout’s best friends
ase on October 17th with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
flexbox  grid  layout  css  IFTTT  Pocket  design  via:popular  bwg-links  css3 
november 2017 by otlib
The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science | Life and style | The Guardian
Leading neuroscientist Matthew Walker on why sleep deprivation is increasing our risk of cancer, heart attack and Alzheimer’s – and what you can do about it
sleep  health  science  IFTTT  Pocket  body  gesundheit  life  longevity  mental 
september 2017 by otlib
How to navigate the coming A.I. hypestorm | The Outline
Many machine learning studies don’t actually show anything meaningful, but they spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
ml  hype  critique  ai  machinelearning  IFTTT  Pocket  Tech  article  artificialintelligence  theoutline  Unread 
september 2017 by otlib
Jessie Frazelle's Blog: Windows for Linux Nerds
A guide describing what I learned about Windows and the Windows kernel in my first week at Microsoft.
linux  windows  wsl  architecture  IFTTT  setup  automation  Instapaper  jessfraz  Pocket 
september 2017 by otlib
Why the coming-of-age narrative is a conformist lie | Aeon Essays
How can you go about finding ‘who you really are’ if the whole idea of the one true self is a big fabrication?
aeon  Pocket  Archive  IFTTT  psychology  Unread  fiction  age  youth  reading  books 
september 2017 by otlib
A Simple Visual Proof of a Powerful Idea in Graph Theory
Ramsey’s theorem predicts a surprising (and useful) consistency in the organization of graphs. Here’s a simple visual proof of…
graphtheory  ramsey  fact  nautilus  facts  Hacker  IFTTT  info  information  News  Pocket  sciencefair 
september 2017 by otlib
5 Mental Biases That Cause Poor Decisions – Personal Growth – Medium
The general belief is that we all behave in a way that will maximize our utility value, and thus enable us to thrive in the world. On the surface, this may not appear to be anything to worth…
medium  IFTTT  Pocket  Unread  psychology  biases 
september 2017 by otlib
Cognition Builders: Extreme Parenting For The One Percent
Armed with Nest Cams and 24/7 surveillance, Cognition Builders promises to fix even the most dysfunctional child — for a price.
creepy  wtf  digg  instapaper  IFTTT  Family  Parenting  Pocket  share  tech  technology 
august 2017 by otlib
#Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement | The New Yorker
What began as an attempt at a simpler life quickly became a life-style brand.
instagram  travel  culture  Vanlife  advertising  socialmedia  IFTTT  NewYorker  Pocket  2017 
august 2017 by otlib
A Dozen Lessons about Business and Investing from Poker | 25iq
  You can’t write about the relationship between games and investing without quoting Michael Mauboussin. I will do so often in this post. He is the master. Read his books. All of them. Then read them again. Set out below are the usual dozen lessons you can learn from poker: “Poker is a game where you…
poker  invest  skills  Pocket  life  finance  stocks  statistics  math  logic  investing 
august 2017 by otlib
How I learned to stop worrying (mostly) and love my threat model | Ars Technica
Reducing privacy and security risks starts with knowing what the threats really are.
cybersecurity  feedly  instapaper  IFTTT  Pocket  riskmgmt  security  share-ian-david 
july 2017 by otlib
The benefits of anxiety — Quartz
“Anxiety can just as well express itself in muteness as with a scream,” wrote existential philosopher Søren Kierkegaard in 1844. While Kierkegaard spent much of his work analyzing the agonizing nature of anxiety, he did not think that it was an emotional state to be avoided. Instead, the philosopher argued that one cannot live an authentic...
philosophy  existentialism  medication  anxiety  IFTTT  Pocket 
june 2017 by otlib
Save the web, freely | wallabag: a self hostable application for saving web pages
With wallabag, archive the web freely. wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages.
instapaper  web  indieweb  pocket  readlater  archive  bookmark  bookmarks  evernote_alternative  IFTTT 
june 2017 by otlib
The Myth of a Superhuman AI – Backchannel
Debunking the myth of a superhuman artificial intelligence: Hyper-intelligent algorithms are not going to take over the world for these five reasons.
future  ai  IFTTT  Pocket  Unread  article  digg  Instapaper  intelligence  technology 
april 2017 by otlib
The New Moats – Greylock Perspectives
To build a sustainable and profitable business, you need strong defensive moats around your company. This rings especially true today as we undergo one of the largest platform shifts in a generation…
ai  IFTTT  moat  strategy  economics  business  chen  intelligence  ip  platforms  Pocket  Twitter  unread 
april 2017 by otlib
Here’s Why Juicero’s Press is So Expensive – Bolt Blog
Last week Bloomberg published an article exposing how easy it is to “hack” Juicero’s produce packs by squeezing them with your hands, deeming the $699 (now $399) WiFi-connected juice press completely…
electronics  hardware  design  IFTTT  juicero  Twitter  engineering  Pocket  teardown  bad 
april 2017 by otlib
BBC - Travel - The mysterious man who gave me Japan
Travel writer Pico Iyer meets a human haiku, who shows him the living, seldom-seen heart of traditional Japan.
bbc  japan  travel  painting  art  culture  IFTTT  Pocket  2017-04-20  2017-04-21  2017-04-22  mysterious  mystery  shinsuke 
april 2017 by otlib
How We Got 10 Million Teens to Read Fiction on Their Phones
Three years ago, I was living in a small surf town in Costa Rica and writing my first novel, when I had a panic attack. The novel was a sci-fi fantasy trilogy for young adults, set in Silicon Valley…
growthhacking  Pocket  reading  app  testing  wtf  fail  literature  youngadult  writing  creativity 
april 2017 by otlib
How Elon Musk Learns Faster And Better Than Everyone Else
How is it even possible that Elon Musk could build four multibillion companies by his mid-40s — in four separate fields (software, energy, transportation, and aerospace)? To explain Musk’s success…
learning  musk  lifehack  pocket  hn  wtf  fail  reading 
april 2017 by otlib
An Alternative Approach to Rate Limiting – Figma Design – Medium
A few weeks ago at Figma, we experienced our first-ever spam attack. This proved the value of Figma’s rate limiter and finally put a stop to the longstanding joke that I had built it in vain. During…
redis  api  programming  architecture  algorithms  throttling  IFTTT  ratelimit  Pocket  rate  spam 
april 2017 by otlib
10 books that will make you a better writer (and why)
Last week, I wrote about 25 habits that will make you a better writer. This week, I thought — let’s dive into books. After twenty-plus years writing, I’ve collected some resources that I absolutely…
books  fiction  writing  IFTTT  Pocket  lists  Unread  tobuy 
april 2017 by otlib
The Philosopher of Doomsday - The New Yorker
Raffi Khatchadourian on Nick Bostrom, an Oxford philosopher who asks whether inventing artificial intelligence will bring us utopia or destruction.
technology  ai  philosophy  IFTTT  Pocket  tech  Archive  bostrom  future  instapaper 
april 2017 by otlib
Is the Hard Problem of Consciousness Connected to the Hard Problem in Physics?
The nature of consciousness seems to be unique among scientific puzzles. Not only do neuroscientists have no fundamental explanation…
physics  philosophy  Unread  IFTTT  Pocket  science  conscious  consciousness  Digg  fact 
april 2017 by otlib
A Visual Guide To Statistics | Co.Design | business + design
A Brown University student creates math lessons for the more visually inclined among us.
statistics  visualization  hn  programming  twitter  pocket  university  math 
march 2017 by otlib
JPMorgan Marshals an Army of Developers to Automate High Finance - Bloomberg
At JPMorgan Chase & Co., a learning machine is parsing financial deals that once kept legal teams busy for thousands of hours.
automation  algorithm  ai  finance  IFTTT  Pocket  tech  arbitrage  banking  billing 
march 2017 by otlib
How to Self-Publish a Novel in 2017
While putting the finishing touches on Singular, I thought it would be nice to capture all the steps required to self-publish a novel, so that any reader thinking of doing likewise, or myself in a year or two, has a ready guide for the process.
novel  publishing  book  writing  ebook  self  arc  howto  kindle  pocket 
february 2017 by otlib
I was a stressed-out workaholic. Then I realized that one fear was at the root of my problems — Quartz
When I was 34, I decided to start seeing a life coach. I had a good career in finance, but I knew I wanted to make a change—and I thought it would help to sort through professional options with a neutral third party. Years later, my coach and I laugh about our first encounter. The...
fear  mortality  death  advice  IFTTT  Pocket  work/life  stress 
february 2017 by otlib
A Detailed Introduction To Webpack – Smashing Magazine
Webpack is a powerful tool that bundles your app source code efficiently and loads that code from a server into a browser.
webpack  feedly  js  javascript  ifttt  Pocket  webdev  @appdev  @javascript  @packages 
february 2017 by otlib
Dick Smith is the Greatest Private Equity Heist of All Time - Forager Funds
Forager takes a look at how Anchorage managed to sell Dick Smith for $520m after purchasing for $10m.
instapaper  investing  finance  business  IFTTT  dicksmith  Pocket  asx  australia  heist 
february 2017 by otlib
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