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These Countries Are Quickly and Quietly Dumping the Dollar - Stillness in the Storm
(Robert Wheeler) Over the past few months, there has been a steady uptick in the number of countries dumping significant portions of their dollar holdings. This is causing many people to worry whether or not the US economy is in for a massive shock sooner, later, or somewhere in between.
usa  usd  world  currency  2018  geopolitics  finance  article 
december 2018 by orlin
WageCan - Blockchain Assets Wage and Payroll Solution
Blockchain Assets Wage and Payroll Solution. Payroll Outsourcing – Easy and Multi-Country
blockchain  payment  cryptocurrency  salary  estonia  eresidency  world 
august 2018 by orlin
Ports Francs & Entrepôts de Genève SA | Rte du Grand Lancy 6a - Genève
Stockage des marchandises en régime dépôt franc sous douane ou suisse (hors douane).
swiss  storage  europe  world  service  expensive  investigate 
may 2018 by orlin
Visualization of how small the entire Crypto currency market is — Steemit
I've seen some cool graphics before, but I wanted to make my own with things I believe is relevant and fun to compare… by scandinavianlife
crypto  money  world  compare  bitcoin  visualization  apple  gold  fiat 
september 2017 by orlin
Micah White, PhD — Author of The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution and Co-Creator of Occupy Wall Street
Micah White, PhD is the author of THE END OF PROTEST, the co-creator Occupy
Wall Street movement and former editor of Adbusters. Micah is the
co-founder of Boutique Activist Consultancy.
people  power  activism  politics  usa  canada  world  influence  leadership  interview  strategy  book  democracy  gaming 
april 2016 by orlin
Noam Chomsky & Abby Martin: Electing the President of an Empire
26 minutes | At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass., Abby Martin interviews world-renowned philosopher and linguist Professor Noam Chomsky.

Prof. Chomsky comments on the presidential...
chomsky  interview  usa  politics  change  democracy  empire  world 
october 2015 by orlin
Nomad List — The Best Places to Live and Work Remotely
The best places to live and work remotely for digital nomads, based on cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics. For startups that work remotely and digital nomads.
world  location  compare  travel  nomad  remote  telecommute  city  research  resource 
april 2015 by orlin
Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism: Larry Siedentop: 9780674417533: Amazon.com: Books
Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism [Larry Siedentop] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here, in a grand narrative spanning 1, 800 years of European history, a distinguished political philosopher firmly rejects Western liberalism’s usual account of itself: its emergence in opposition to religion in the early modern era. Larry Siedentop argues instead that liberal thought is
christianity  philosophy  history  modern  world  opinion  liberalism  book 
february 2015 by orlin
How The West Created B.R.I.C.S New Development Bank | World Truth.TV
Your Alternative News Network. Broadcasting The Truth Since "2011" Alternative Health, Alternative News, Conspiracy, GMO, Fluoride
bank  finance  developing  world  money 
december 2014 by orlin
Gasland 2: A film by Josh Fox - NOW on HBO
Gasland 2, NOW on HBO, a sequel to filmmaker Josh Fox's 2010 Gasland documentary which follows his international odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination related to hydraulic fracking.
fracking  world  map 
january 2014 by orlin
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