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p2p live streaming with hypervision - louis.center
A short introduction to p2p live streaming with hypervision, a browser and desktop application built with Node.js, dat and choo.
dat  video  streaming  p2p  webrtc  browser  desktop  election 
may 2018 by orlin
Talky - home
Group video chat and screen sharing. From &yet
communication  tool  webrtc  video  chat  team  screensharing  cool 
december 2014 by orlin
Group video chat and screen sharing. From &yet
webrtc  collaboration  tool  video  screensharing  conference  team  mobile  cool 
november 2014 by orlin
Otalk | The Truly Open WebRTC Platform from &yet
Otalk is a suite of truly open tools for making modern communication a delightful experience for users and developers.
webrtc  opensource  platform  collaboration 
november 2014 by orlin
sharedrop - HTML5 clone of Apple's AirDrop - easy P2P file transfer powered by WebRTC
p2p  network  file  sharing  webrtc  opensource 
april 2014 by orlin

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