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SimilarWeb | Website Traffic Statistics & Market Intelligence
Grow your market share and website traffic with SimilarWeb's digital market intelligence platform. Compare any website traffic statistics & analytics.
marketing  analytics  website  seo  socialmedia  tools  service  product  try 
september 2018 by orlin
AirDroid | Delight Your Multi-Screen Life
Access Android phone/tablet from computer remotely and securely. Manage SMS, files, photos and videos, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and more on computer.
android  mac  osx  desktop  app  mobile  try 
april 2016 by orlin
Badges - iTerm2 - Mac OS Terminal Replacement
iTerm2 is a replacement for Terminal and the successor to iTerm
mac  osx  terminal  iterm2  custom  badges  productivity  try 
march 2016 by orlin
HackMyResume - Generate polished résumés and CVs in HTML, Markdown, LaTeX, MS Word, PDF, plain text, JSON, XML, YAML, smoke signal, and carrier pigeon.
cv  resume  hacking  tool  opensource  format  try 
january 2016 by orlin
YACReader - Yet Another Comic Reader
YACReader is the best comic reader and comic manager with support for cbr cbz zip rar comic files. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
comics  reader  multiplatform  app  mac  osx  ios  try 
september 2015 by orlin
First Look: GitHub Desktop
If you would like a sneak peek at the new GitHub Desktop, sign up for our First Look program.
github  desktop  app  try  official  mac  osx 
july 2015 by orlin
Avocode – The bridge between designers and developers
The smartest way to share designs, export assets and collaborate with your team.
design  webdev  webdesign  electron  app  cool  tool  try 
june 2015 by orlin
contra - :surfer: Asynchronous flow control with a functional taste to it
nodejs  functional  async  alternative  library  try  javascript  control  flow  callback  hell  compare 
may 2015 by orlin
Send All Your Love in a Box.
photos  gift  service  email  present  try 
april 2015 by orlin
lein-try - A Leiningen plugin for trying out new libraries
lein  clojure  library  repl  plugin  tool  try 
february 2015 by orlin
Scriptogr.am -- blogging made accessible.
writing  tool  blog  markdown  productivity  web  publishing  blogging  try 
january 2015 by orlin
cv - Linux tool to show progress for cp, rm, dd, ...
linux  filesystem  operations  progress  cli  tool  mac  osx  port  try  sysadmin 
july 2014 by orlin
escher - Escher: A language for programming in metaphors
programming  language  cool  try  golang  data  process  processing  bibliography  reado 
july 2014 by orlin
Instant mobile web app creation
mobile  webapps  framework  ios  android  design  webdev  try 
june 2014 by orlin
Cozy Cloud, Your Private Personal Cloud
Cozy makes your web apps smarter and
more respectful. It's a platform that brings all your web services in the
same private space.
With it your web apps can share data easily and your devices are
synchronized. Think about it as a respectful personal cloud. You
can install it on your own hardware, no one can trade your personal data.
You can keep your contact information, calendars, files and emails safe.
cloud  data  backup  sync  mobile  try  personal  opensource 
march 2014 by orlin
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