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Free Vector Line Icons (SVG, PNG, PSD, CSH, EPS, Icon Font and more)
Linearicons is the highest quality set of line icons, matching with minimalist UI designs in iOS. This icon pack was designed on a 20×20 grid with a lot of care, resulting in crisp and pixel perfect icons. Both free and premium versions are easy to use in any platform including iOS and Android.
flat  svg  icons  good  use  design  webdesign  free  font  cool  cdn  webdev 
august 2018 by orlin
Base Maps - Philippe Rivière - Visionscarto
Here is a small series of base maps that you can freely download. It's the beginning of a collection that we will expand gradually. Created by us (...)
base  maps  svg  projection  resource  visualisation 
august 2018 by orlin
FormidableLabs/victory-cli: A tool for generating charts on the command line.
victory-cli - A tool for generating charts on the command line.
d3  svg  terminal  cli  chart  cool 
april 2017 by orlin
TodayTix/svg-sprite-webpack-plugin: Webpack plugin for loading/extracting SVGs into a sprite file
svg-sprite-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin for loading/extracting SVGs into a sprite file
svg  icon  webpack  loader  sprites 
february 2017 by orlin
Recharts - Re-designed charting library built with React and D3.
react  reactjs  visualization  components  d3  charts  library  svg  cool  integration 
april 2016 by orlin
sharpvg - Converts bitmaps to beautifully pixelated SVGs
icons  webdev  images  svg  conversion  browser  use 
november 2014 by orlin
r2d3 - Raphael Rendered, Data Driven Documents
d3  raphael  visualisations  javascript  ie  browser  compatibility  svg 
june 2014 by orlin
Trianglify by @qrohlf
low poly style background generator with d3.js
d3  background  art  generator  algorithm  svg  awesome 
april 2014 by orlin
vega - A visualization grammar.
declarative  data  visualization  json  svg  canvas 
april 2014 by orlin

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