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The Fall of Gaia, Inc. – David Wilcock’s Resignation Letter, Intellectual Property Theft, Hostile Work Environment & Corey Goodes impending 50-million-dollar lawsuit! – Fade to Light
Since I began writing my investigative reports and articles, such as Meet the Board of Directors of Gaia, Inc., and MK-Ufology, Inc., a number of ufology community members, public figures, and individuals close to Gaia, Inc. employees have approached me with more information and details surrounding the events over the past year. I was also contacted…
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december 2018 by orlin
Discerning the Mystery: Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - The Arrival of the New Guardians
Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - The Arrival of the New Guardians
There have been many episodes of the Cosmic Disclosure series which were beyond impressive. Many of the revelations within these episodes connote possible realities that would boggle the mind of anyone in the surface population if proven true. It seems that each time a new revelation comes forward, we are left with a sort of reverberating thought of the likelihood that our perceived reality could ...
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december 2018 by orlin

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