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The Language Matrix™ Tony Marsh Method
Instant Conversation in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and English, in
Chicago and online.
mt  language  learning  spanish  strategy 
4 days ago by orlin
The State of Cryptocurrency Mining – Sia Blog
For those new to the blog, I am the lead developer of Sia, a blockchain based cloud storage platform. About a year ago, myself and some members of the Sia team started Obelisk, a cryptocurrency ASIC…
mining  asic  cryptocurrency  hardware  analysis  economics  strategy  manufacturing  centralization  bitcoin  pow  consensus  politics 
may 2018 by orlin
Micah White, PhD — Author of The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution and Co-Creator of Occupy Wall Street
Micah White, PhD is the author of THE END OF PROTEST, the co-creator Occupy
Wall Street movement and former editor of Adbusters. Micah is the
co-founder of Boutique Activist Consultancy.
people  power  activism  politics  usa  canada  world  influence  leadership  interview  strategy  book  democracy  gaming 
april 2016 by orlin
The Best Things in Android Are Free—With in App Purchases | iA
https://ia.net/iA structures, designs and builds websites, apps and videos. Our principle: reduce form and content to their essence. We live and work in Zurich, Tokyo and Berlin.
android  apps  business  article  monetization  strategy  compare  ios  money 
march 2016 by orlin
Motivating the monkey - Scattered Thoughts
I struggle a lot with motivation. This is probably not an unfamiliar story – there is some exciting project I want to work on but every time I …
startup  self  projects  strategy  motivation  howto  plans  work  workflow  tactic  tips 
september 2015 by orlin
Discovery-driven Growth: The Only Plan Is to Learn as You Go - Knowledge@Wharton
the only plan is to learn as you go
1) conventional approaches and planning don’t work when you’re trying to get into new spaces, 2) assumptions are what get most companies into trouble, and 3) it’s not failure that companies need to avoid, but rather “failing expensively.”
business  plan  strategy  startup  inspiration  entrepreneurship  innovation  management 
may 2009 by orlin

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