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Against the Current: What We Learned From Eve [Transcript] / Jeremy Ashkenas / Observable
Against the Current: What We Learned From Eve [Transcript] A talk by Chris Granger, presented at LIVE 2018 _**Editor’s note**: I formatted a quick transcript of this talk (pulling from the automatic youtube transcription — it’s raw! There are many errors!), because I find it to be a rollicking stream-of-consiousness-style tale of startups, programming paradigms, venture capital, engineering decisions, and the recent history of experimental coding._ Epigraphs: “We were always pretty g...
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may 2019 by orlin
jxnblk/mdx-deck: MDX-based presentation decks
:spades: MDX-based presentation decks. Contribute to jxnblk/mdx-deck development by creating an account on GitHub.
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november 2018 by orlin
React.js: Beyond the Browser
With the advent of libraries like React Canvas and React Native, it is obvious that rendering views in React is not limited to the DOM.
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may 2015 by orlin

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