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“We” as in Wealth – Oswald Jones – Medium
They took over our world eighty trillion dollars before then. Machines. Skynet was real but it came in the guise of office computers and credit cards. The screens and keyboards where we would spend…
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march 2018 by orlin
Noam Chomsky Has 'Never Seen Anything Like This'
Noam Chomsky is America’s greatest intellectual. His massive body of work, which includes nearly 100 books, has for decades deflated and exposed the lies of the power elite and the myths they...
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october 2015 by orlin
Reconstruction: An Interdisciplinary Culture Studies Community
Reconstruction is an innovative culture studies journal dedicated to fostering an intellectual community composed of scholars and their audience, granting them all the ability to share thoughts and opinions on the most important and influential work in contemporary interdisciplinary studies. Reconstruction publishes new issues three times a year, with reviews regularly updated, and solicits both academic studies and reviews of music, movies, performances, and fiction and non-fiction...
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january 2015 by orlin
Venture capital and the great big Silicon Valley asshole game | PandoDaily
This piece originally appeared on PandoQuarterly, issue three. Silicon Valley has an asshole problem, and it’s high time we owned up to it. Let me be clear what I’m not talking about. I’m not talking about “brogrammers.
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january 2015 by orlin
escher - Escher: A language for programming in metaphors
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july 2014 by orlin
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