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Rakuten Kobo eReader Store
Shop Kobo eReaders and accessories. For a convenient and customized reading experience on an E Ink, anti-glare screen that reads just like print on paper.
hardware  ebook  reader  device  ereader  consumer  want 
november 2018 by orlin
Minimalist Feed Reader - Miniflux
Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader.
mt  served  tooled  service  minimal  feed  reader  aggregator  rss  feeds  news  golang  opensource  tool  server  use  miniflux  trial  cheap 
october 2018 by orlin
A simple tool for saving web pages to read later on your iPhone, iPad, Android, computer, or Kindle.
mt  tooled  instapaper  reading  web  reader  readability  design  bookmark  self  resource  feeds  free  service  tool  apps  minimalism  kindle  use 
october 2018 by orlin
beakerbrowser/dat-rssreader-app: Read RSS feeds for blogs hosted over dat://
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
dat  rss  reader  javascript 
may 2018 by orlin
sorpaas/reread: Hackable Hacker News Reader.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
hackernews  reader  hackable  client  python  tools  recommendation  selfhosted 
march 2018 by orlin
Fever° Red hot. Well read.
Fever takes the temperature of your slice of the web and shows you what's hot.
rss  feeds  reader  aggregator  webapp  tool 
november 2015 by orlin
A fast, simple RSS feed reader that delivers a great reading experience.
rss  web  app  reader  aggregator  service  reading  subscription  money 
november 2015 by orlin
YACReader - Yet Another Comic Reader
YACReader is the best comic reader and comic manager with support for cbr cbz zip rar comic files. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
comics  reader  multiplatform  app  mac  osx  ios  try 
september 2015 by orlin
Dancing Tortoise | Simple Comic
Simple Comic is an intuitive comic and manga reader for the Macintosh
mac  osx  comics  reader  app  free  simple  minimalism  use 
september 2015 by orlin

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