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Protégé is a free, open-source ontology editor and framework for building intelligent systems
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23 days ago by orlin
digitalbazaar/jsonld.js: A JSON-LD Processor and API implementation in JavaScript
A JSON-LD Processor and API implementation in JavaScript - digitalbazaar/jsonld.js
javascript  jsonld  rss  feed  rdf  semanticweb  library 
january 2019 by orlin
feedparser - npm
Robust RSS Atom and RDF feed parsing using sax js
nodejs  feed  parser  rss  xml  rdf  javascript  library 
june 2018 by orlin
JSON-LD - JSON for Linking Data
@joehewitt json will have links and semantics (data layer)
json  rdf  linkeddata  jsonld 
august 2011 by orlin
REXcast #3: Welcome to my Brain « The REXpedition
good point, though it seems like too hard much - comes to mind ? maybe there are / tools
linkeddata  usable  rdf  from twitter
may 2011 by orlin
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