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Neri Oxman: Design at the intersection of technology and biology | TED Talk
Designer and architect Neri Oxman is leading the search for ways in which digital fabrication technologies can interact with the biological world. Working at the intersection of computational design, additive manufacturing, materials engineering and synthetic biology, her lab is pioneering a new age of symbiosis between microorganisms, our bodies, our products and even our buildings.
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september 2019 by orlin
Neri Oxman Has All the Answers
Interdisciplinary designer and architect Neri Oxman is so much more than the woman once linked to Brad Pitt.

science  people  mit  innovation  materialdesign  interdisciplinary  engineeing  biology 
september 2019 by orlin
The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy
The Newton Institute is the home of certified practitioners who provide the experience of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL) to individuals worldwide.
hypnosis  reincarnation  regression  ogranization  people  psychology  afterlife  research 
september 2019 by orlin
Variable is a generative design and data visualisation studio based in London, UK. We blend design, software and aesthetics emerging from data, processes and human behaviour.
mt  data  visualization  agency  art  dataviz  generative  design  portfolio  studio  people 
august 2019 by orlin
Bentinho Massaro TV
Home to the sincere and committed spiritual seeker

Pure and unparalleled instructions into Freedom. No nonsense, no roundabouts, no delays.

If this is you, welcome friend.
mt  spirituality  people  content  resource  paid  subscription 
august 2019 by orlin
Home | Towards Liberty
Freedom ~ Agorism ~ Sound Money ~ Bitcoin
bitcoin  crypto  pgp  resource  people  anarchy  economics  philosophy 
june 2019 by orlin
HODL Hotline
Hourly consulting with Bitcoin experts
mt  bitcoin  crypto  consulting  people  resource 
june 2019 by orlin
Global Mesh Labs and the Lot49 mesh protocol.
The Lot49 protocol builds on concepts and technology developed for the Bitcoin Lightning Network to incentivize data delivery in a global decentralized mesh communication network. Lot49 aims to use bitcoin based micropayments to drive the bottom-up adoption of this network by incentivizing people to provide coverage and capacity where and when it is needed.
mt  global  mesh  network  technology  people  wifi  internet  isp  freedom  protocol  incentives  bitcoin 
june 2019 by orlin
Pieter Wuille Facts
Top Ten Facts about Pieter Wuille
bitcoin  people  humor 
may 2019 by orlin
Home | Bitstein
Michael Goldstein is a Bitcoin educator and developer.
bitcoin  people 
may 2019 by orlin
An aggregation of content we've made about Bitcoin and other stuff. Subscribe.
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may 2019 by orlin
CropCircleFilms.com Offers Patty Greer's Award Winning Crop Circle UFO Films |
disclosure  cropcircles  films  people  leadership  resource 
december 2018 by orlin
Bentinho Massaro
Bentinho Massaro's teachings both transcend and empower the individual --
creating a complete and easy-to-follow system for spiritual awakening and
personal empowerment
spirituality  experience  speaker  people  community  disclosure  leadership  events  resource  freedom  videos  content  mt 
december 2018 by orlin
Laura - LauraEisenhower.com
Get up to date information about Disclosure and Ascension and book a reading, find events too!
lauraeisenhower  disclosure  people  resource 
december 2018 by orlin
Glench dot com
Glen Chiacchieri's personal website. Insights, projects, and joy.
mt  people  genius  thought  leadership  visionary 
november 2018 by orlin
Bitcoin — Is it a monetary system, way of life, or…..cult?
I’ll start by saying that I love No-coiners, Buttcoiners, Altcoiners, and trolls in general — if it weren’t for them, I’d basically have nothing to write about! One of the biggest troll insults is…
bitcoin  money  religion  cult  compare  funny  people  category  rank  participation  article 
november 2018 by orlin
Jillian Scudder – Medium
Read writing from Jillian Scudder on Medium. PhD in astrophysics, currently working at the University of Sussex. I study galaxy collisions and write @astroquizzical.
astronomy  physics  blogs  mainstream  astrophysics  people 
august 2018 by orlin
Personal Safety in a p2p Social Network – Enspiral Tales – Medium
Spaces built on p2p reveal promising new ways of interacting digitally. This is a practical exploration of how we protect ourselves from abuse in the Scuttlebutt social network.
p2p  social  security  decentralization  commons  people  safety  scuttlebutt  redecentralize 
june 2018 by orlin
Seth Thompson
Seth Thompson is a designer and developer interested in the intersection of art, architecture, literature, and technology.
product  design  webdev  people  p2p 
may 2018 by orlin
People · ForthHub
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
forth  programming  language  people  github  resource 
may 2018 by orlin
undev is a Berlin / Cologne based development and design studio for interactive experiences using modern web technologies. We push the boundaries of what’s possible using WebGL, Web Audio and Web
design  studio  webdesign  people  germany  awesome  creative  work  webgl  dataflow 
may 2018 by orlin
a blog for karissa mckelvey
p2p  web  dat  people  blog 
may 2018 by orlin
Bitrated · Identity, Reputation & Trust
Bitcoin Trust Platform - Identity & reputation management, multi-signature smart contracts and consumer protection for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
bitcoin  reputation  trust  identity  people 
may 2018 by orlin
ANOHNI calls Brexit “a prison riot” and slams “corrupt mogul media” in powerful essay
"The legitimate frustrations propelling poor and working class people to vote "leave" are not going to subside as a result of this catastrophe."
brexit  analysis  eu  usa  money  media  people  power 
june 2016 by orlin
Micah White, PhD — Author of The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution and Co-Creator of Occupy Wall Street
Micah White, PhD is the author of THE END OF PROTEST, the co-creator Occupy
Wall Street movement and former editor of Adbusters. Micah is the
co-founder of Boutique Activist Consultancy.
people  power  activism  politics  usa  canada  world  influence  leadership  interview  strategy  book  democracy  gaming 
april 2016 by orlin
Joseph Wilk
Exploring techniques for creating live coded performances with Overtone and OpenGL Fragment Shaders. Much learnt from my work performing as Repl …
clojure  art  music  people  blog 
march 2016 by orlin
Ричард Брансън: Животът е твърде кратък, за да го живеем с кисела физиономия
Фразата "Вашето обаждане е много важно за нас, но всички оператори са заети" е доста дразнеща. А ето как звучи тя за клиентите на Virgin Atlantic: "Зд...
entrepreneurship  inspiration  people  richardb  quotes  life  self  advice 
november 2015 by orlin
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