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The fastest, easiest way to share data and analytics inside your company
sql  mongodb  aws  data  analytics  clojure  opensource  app  business  intelligence  database  tools 
november 2015 by orlin
graffiti - Node.js GraphQL ORM
graphql  express  mongodb 
september 2015 by orlin
RESTHeart is the REST data API server for mongodb.
Open your data, quickly build HATEOAS applications, use it as your mobile apps back-end,...
mongodb  rest  api  webservice  java  opensource  webdev 
september 2015 by orlin
slamengine - The engine for SlamData
mongodb  sql  opensource  analytics 
may 2015 by orlin
MongoDB, Elasticsearch & RethinkDB Hosting with Compose | Compose
Quickly & Easily Deploy MongoDB, Elasticsearch & RethinkDB Databases with Compose
database  service  mongodb  rethinkdb  redis  elasticsearch  paas 
november 2014 by orlin
Strider-CD/strider · GitHub
strider - Strider: Open Source Continuous Integration & Deployment Server.
sysadmin  infrastructure  cloud  ci  deployment  server  build  automation  javascript  nodejs  mongodb  git  devops  use 
march 2013 by orlin
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