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antirez/disque-module: Disque ported as Redis module
Disque ported as Redis module. Contribute to antirez/disque-module development by creating an account on GitHub.
redis  distributed  message  queue  messaging  module 
december 2019 by orlin
net.async - Network commucations with clojure.core.async interface
core.async  clojure  clojurescript  network  communication  data  message  messaging  reliability 
june 2014 by orlin
Intercom | Simple, personal messaging for businesses and their customers
Intercom shows you who is using your product and makes it easy to personally communicate with them through behavior-driven email and in-app messages.
crm  customer  message  feedback  tools  business  analytics  support  service  starter  product  use 
february 2014 by orlin

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