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march 2019 by orlin
Forbes: The Experience Of The Developed Countries — Why The EU Has Prohibited Anonymous…
The European Union aims to legitimize all the anonymous crypto-market players. Are the regulators from the other countries capable of adjusting to the needs of the digital economy or will they choose…
europe  eu  cryptocurrency  regulation  anonymity  privacy  trading  kyc  law 
may 2018 by orlin
DRM's Dead Canary: How We Just Lost the Web, What We Learned from It, and What We Need to Do Next | Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF has been fighting against DRM and the laws behind it for a decade and a half, intervening in the US Broadcast Flag, the UN Broadcasting Treaty, the European DVB CPCM standard, the W3C EME standard and many other skirmishes, battles and even wars over the years. With that long history behind us...
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may 2018 by orlin
Privacy Tools - Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance
You are being watched! Knowledge, encryption and privacy tools to protect you against global mass surveillance.
mt  internet  privacy  encryption  vpn  tools  global  surveillance  law  countries  software  services  tips  resource  list 
may 2018 by orlin
The SAFT Project
The SAFT Project is a forum for the discussion of a compliant framework for token sales.
ico  token  sale  saft  law  resource 
march 2018 by orlin
How many noted the implications for copyright of the ECJ ruling in 2014?
Three years ago, the European Court of Justice ruled that you can legally take (mostly) anything you find on the open web and reuse it on your own website.
public  publicdomain  open  web  internet  content  copyright  eu  law 
august 2017 by orlin

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