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Buy Stands & Mounts for iOS Devices from top brands like K&M, IK Multimedia, On-Stage and QuikLok. Fantastic prices and legendary customer service.
iphone  ipad  mobile  filmmaking  stands  mounts 
september 2019 by orlin
Mobile Filmmaking case for the iPad and iPhone — iOgrapher
Turn your iPad & iPhone into a full blown video camera with the iOgrapher mobile media filmmaking case.
mobile  iphone  filmmaking  ipad 
september 2019 by orlin
iPad finally gets mouse support thanks to iPadOS | Cult of Mac
A major feature in iPadOS that's long been requested from tablet users didn't get any showtime at WWDC: iPad mouse support.
ipad  mouse  trackpad  feature  support  cool 
september 2019 by orlin
How to use a mouse with your iPad | Cult of Mac
The iPad can now use a mouse for input. You can point, click, drag, and scroll, just like you can on the Mac. Here's how to set it up.
ipad  ipadpro  mouse  trackpad  ios  feature  support 
september 2019 by orlin
Astropad | Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet
Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for your Mac.
cool  creative  ipad  ios  mac  macos  apple  pencil  touch  interface  magic  app  awesome  use  tools  want 
november 2018 by orlin
Luna Display
The only hardware solution that turns any iPad into a true, wireless second display for your Mac.
mt  tooled  ipad  mac  macos  ios  monitor  hardware  use  app  performance  reliability  metal  retina  touch  display  consumer  want  workflow  productivity  innovation  computer  interface  tool  usb  wifi  magic 
november 2018 by orlin
Duet Display - Ex-Apple Engineers Turn Your iPad Into An Extra Display
Duet lets you use your iPad or iPhone as an external monitor. With Zero Lag.
mt  tooled  ipad  mac  macos  ios  monitor  cable  connected  use  app 
october 2018 by orlin
Stratospherix - FileBrowser
FileBrowser allows you to connect to your computers and drives on your wifi network and cloud storage. Stream movies, music, view photos, documents and manage files and folders.
ios  filesharing  ipad  samba  access  network  filesystem  nas  app 
march 2016 by orlin
DJ Player Pro for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
Get creative with the state of the art professional DJ technology. DJ Player Pro goes beyond the laptop DJ with superior audio quality, innovative control and style.
ipad  dj  player  professional  app 
march 2016 by orlin
How to use an external hard drive on an iPad - Pocketables
How to use an external hard drive on an iPad. This method works both with and without jailbreak, works with Lightning and 30 pin adapters, and flash drives
iPad  hdd  power  jailbreak  symlink  hacks  howto  external  storage  video  tutorial 
march 2016 by orlin
Компютри нови и втора употреба Втора ръка hop.bg
hop.bg-онлайн магазин за реновирани и нови лаптопи, компютри, смартфони, монитори. Предлаганите от нас продукти са втора употреба, но са преминали процес на реновация. ho
bugaria  varna  computer  store  used  hardware  deals  apple  mac  iphone  ipad 
march 2016 by orlin
Troshinsky - Loop Raccord
"Loop Raccord", an experimental iPad game by Nicolai Troshinsky.
ios  ipad  video  game 
april 2014 by orlin
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