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uport-project/uport-credentials: Library for integrating uPort into node server side applications
Library for integrating uPort into node server side applications - uport-project/uport-credentials
uport  javascript  nodejs  serverside  did  backend  integration 
october 2018 by orlin
Releasing uPort Developer Platform 1.0 – uPort – Medium
Thousands of developers have already developed with uPort over the last 2 years. We listened to their experiences and created a completely new User Centric platform for Ethereum and Identity…
identity  uport  architecture  javascript  libraries  integration  milestone  ethereum  ecosystem  did  jwt  webdev 
october 2018 by orlin
ÐApps? Smart contracts on Ethereum? Use Trezor with MetaMask!
Thanks to the amazing work of the MetaMask team, we are happy to announce that Trezor has been successfully integrated into the popular Chrome extension for Ethereum. Starting today, you can…
trezor  metamask  ethereum  dapps  hardware  wallet  integration  browser  extension 
august 2018 by orlin
Smart Contracts are self-executing contractual states, stored on the blockchain.
Smart Contracts are self-executing contractual states, stored on the blockchain, which nobody controls and therefore everyone can trust.
ethereum  smart  contracts  api  integration  crypto  blockchain  bitcoin 
august 2017 by orlin
Prometheus - Monitoring system & time series database
An open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, efficient time series database and modern alerting approach.
opensource  metrics  monitoring  logging  alert  devops  timeseries  architecture  database  search  visualization  integration  golang 
november 2016 by orlin
Recharts - Re-designed charting library built with React and D3.
react  reactjs  visualization  components  d3  charts  library  svg  cool  integration 
april 2016 by orlin
Integrations Directory
GitHub is where people build software. More than 11 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 27 million projects.
github  tools  integration  services 
october 2015 by orlin

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