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Paperback Kindle | Seth's Blog
Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes and respect
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november 2018 by orlin
Collecting P2P/DWeb Use Cases · Issue #22 · ipfs-shipyard/arewedistributedyet
Summary This is a meta-thread collecting use cases for adding P2P and DWeb technology to web browsers. Feel free to refer to this issue when discussing interesting use case or just add link and/or citation in comments below. Motivation B...
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august 2018 by orlin
Да си построиш супер яка къща в България само за 3800 лева?! ВЪЗМОЖНО Е! Ето как! (СНИМКИ)
Да си построиш супер яка къща в България само за 3800 лева?! ВЪЗМОЖНО Е! Ето как! (СНИМКИ)
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september 2015 by orlin
Innovation Flowchart – Development Impact and You
Development Impact and You — Practical tools to trigger & support social innovation
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january 2015 by orlin
Amanda Palmer: The art of asking - YouTube
What is the connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely? Quoting the words of Sherry Turkle from her TED talk - Connected, But Alone. (http://www.ted...
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june 2014 by orlin

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