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SPLASH is the ACM SIGPLAN conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity. SPLASH embraces all aspects of software construction and delivery, to make it the premier conference on the applications of programming languages—at the intersection of programming languages and software engineering. SPLASH 2019 will take place in Athens from Sunday 20th to Friday 25th of October 2019.
SPLASH includes the following co-located conferences: OOPSLA, Onward!...
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Play in the Peloponnese: top 10 experiences
Historic Nafplio is tucked into an azure bay fronted by a small island fort and topped by an enormous stone fortress. The town itself is a cascade of elegant buildings constructed under Venetian rule. Festooned with crimson bougainvillea, they’re filled with creative boutiques and galleries and restaurants serving Italian-influenced cuisine. The Fougaro Cultural Centre fills a slickly renovated factory and provides a programme of visual and performing arts throughout the year. Lodgin...
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