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Funding the Evolution of Blockchains – Fred Ehrsam – Medium
Blockchains are digital organisms. As organisms evolve through changes in their DNA, blockchain protocols evolve through changes in their code. And like biological organisms, the most adaptive…
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november 2018 by orlin
Why We Haven’t Met Any Aliens § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM
it's @avantgame vs fermi's paradox! similarly convincing and #gameful #evolution #aliens
evolution  gaming  culture  philosophy  human  psychology  life  alien  fermi  #evolution  #gameful  #aliens  gameful  aliens 
november 2010 by orlin
Jane McGonigal - On Productivity on Vimeo
it's @avantgame vs fermi's paradox! similarly convincing and #gameful #evolution #aliens
gaming  productivity  perma  awesome  inspiration  janemcgonial  people  lifehacks  future  video  #evolution  #gameful  #aliens  evolution  gameful  aliens 
november 2010 by orlin
Paul Kammerer
Des Gesetz der Serie (1919, science, trans. The Law of Seriality)
synchronicity  science  evolution  research  history 
july 2010 by orlin

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