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Start Your Own ISP
A practical guide to starting your own Internet Service Provider.
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8 weeks ago by orlin
Ричард Брансън: Животът е твърде кратък, за да го живеем с кисела физиономия
Фразата "Вашето обаждане е много важно за нас, но всички оператори са заети" е доста дразнеща. А ето как звучи тя за клиентите на Virgin Atlantic: "Зд...
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november 2015 by orlin
AngelList - The platform for startup investing, fundraising, jobseeking and recruiting
AngelList is where the world meets startups. Investors: invest in early-stage startups. Startups: find team members, angel investors and venture capital.
startup  business  entrepreneurship  angel  investment  resource  jobs  network 
april 2015 by orlin
Left out in the cold: How tech innovation favors the rich - Computerworld
Young, affluent innovators come up with things that appeal to -- surprise! -- young, affluent urban dwellers
startup  innovation  culture  entrepreneurship  community  economics  social  change  classification  shame 
may 2010 by orlin
Paul Buchheit: The most important thing to understand about new products and startups
So what's the right attitude? Humility. It doesn't matter how smart and successful and qualified you are, you simply don't know what you're doing. The good news is that nobody else does either, though some are foolish enough to think that they do (and that's why you can beat them).
startup  business  entrepreneurship  innovation  market  advice 
january 2010 by orlin
Discovery-driven Growth: The Only Plan Is to Learn as You Go - Knowledge@Wharton
the only plan is to learn as you go
1) conventional approaches and planning don’t work when you’re trying to get into new spaces, 2) assumptions are what get most companies into trouble, and 3) it’s not failure that companies need to avoid, but rather “failing expensively.”
business  plan  strategy  startup  inspiration  entrepreneurship  innovation  management 
may 2009 by orlin
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