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About: Platform Cooperativism
The Internet is slipping out of ordinary users’ control. Internet technologies are transforming our workplaces, relationships, and societies. Companies like Uber, Amazon, and Facebook are capturing …
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may 2018 by orlin
DB-Engines - Knowledge Base of Relational and NoSQL Database Management Systems
DB-Engines is an initiative to collect and present information on relational and NoSQL database management systems (DBMS)
database  engine  compare  resource  review  directory  list 
april 2018 by orlin
State of the ÐApps — 823 Projects Built on Ethereum
State of the ÐApps is the curated collection of Decentralized Apps
ethereum  dapp  blockchain  apps  resource  directory 
november 2017 by orlin
Top Open-Source Static Site Generators - StaticGen
StaticGen is a leaderboard of the top open-source static site generators. Promoting a static approach to building websites.
static  web  site  generator  directory  blog  cms  resource  list  webdev  framework 
november 2016 by orlin
Ted Kotcheff - IMDb
Ted Kotcheff, Producer: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. William Theodore Kotcheff was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to Bulgarian parents from Plovdiv. He graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He began his professional career directing TV drama at age 24 at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, at the time becoming the youngest director in the CBC. After two years there he went to live and work in England, ...
bulgarian  producer  directory  actor  usa  holywood  canada 
march 2016 by orlin

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