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MAAS | Metal as a Service
MAAS (Metal as a Service) offers cloud style provisioning for physical servers. It is open source and free to use, with commercial support available from Canonical.
nt  ubuntu  baremetal  cloud  maas  server  provisioning  devops 
7 days ago by orlin
Bitcoin-related Dockerfiles and configurations | [“Bitcoin Dockers”]
[“Satoshi Portal’s Bitcoin-related dockerfiles and configurations”]
bitcoin  docker  mt  devops  tooled 
5 weeks ago by orlin
mviereck/x11docker: Run GUI applications and desktops in docker. Focus on security.
Run GUI applications and desktops in docker. Focus on security. - mviereck/x11docker
docker  containers  desktop  gui  xwindows  linux  devops  opensource  tools  cloud  ssh  vnc  security  remote  hacking  tooled 
november 2018 by orlin
spantaleev/matrix-docker-ansible-deploy: Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker
Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker - spantaleev/matrix-docker-ansible-deploy
matrix  riot  chat  audio  video  collaboration  tools  docker  ansible  devops  deployment  selfhost 
november 2018 by orlin
sr.ht - software hosting for hackers
sr.ht is a network of useful open source tools for software project maintainers and collaborators, including git repos, bug tracking, continuous integration, and mailing lists.
mt best  serviced  devops  hosted  tooled  opensource  git dvcs  server use ci  email  lists  project  management documentation  github  gitlab  compare 
november 2018 by orlin
Vault Curriculum - HashiCorp Learn
Learn how to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application.
hashicorp  vault  cloud  secrets  keys  devops  tools  tutorial  learnit  howto 
november 2018 by orlin
Protecting infrastructure secrets with Keywhiz – Square Corner Blog – Medium
At Square, our number one priority is security. We needed something to protect secrets, especially as their number increased with our adoption of a service-orientedmicroservice architecture. Although…
keywhiz  intro  server  tool  secrets  passwords  keys  management  security  operations  devops  filesystem  memory  encryption 
october 2018 by orlin
A file-based secret management and distribution system
mt  served  tooled  secrets  storage  security  cryptography  passwords  keys  configuration  management  deployment  devops  server  keywhiz 
october 2018 by orlin
Damian says…
Packet is a bare metal cloud built for developers, offering Intel and ARMv8 powered dedicated server deployment in less than 10 minutes from its global datacenters.
baremetal  metal  cloud  hosting  service  server  devops  infrastructure 
june 2017 by orlin
rockymadden/circleci-cli: Powerful CircleCI CLI via pure bash
circleci-cli - :vertical_traffic_light: Powerful CircleCI CLI via pure bash
circleci  cli  bash  tool  devops 
february 2017 by orlin
palletops/lein-uberimage: A Leiningen plugin to generate a docker image that runs a project's uberjar.
lein-uberimage - A Leiningen plugin to generate a docker image that runs a project's uberjar.
lein  docker  image  deployment  clojure  devops 
january 2017 by orlin
Prometheus - Monitoring system & time series database
An open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, efficient time series database and modern alerting approach.
opensource  metrics  monitoring  logging  alert  devops  timeseries  architecture  database  search  visualization  integration  golang 
november 2016 by orlin
Discover and discuss the best software tools and services | StackShare
StackShare helps developers find and decide on the best cloud services. Search and browse cloud infrastructure services such as PaaS, IaaS, log management,
programming  tools  stack  software  architecture  reference  webdev  devops  startup  resource  list  community 
november 2016 by orlin
chronos - Fault tolerant job scheduler for Mesos which handles dependencies and ISO8601 based schedules
backend  job  scheduling  daemon  docker  system  sysadmin  devops 
september 2015 by orlin
Kitematic - The easiest way to use Docker on Mac.
free  docker  mac  gui  devops  osx  virtualization 
june 2015 by orlin
Atlas by HashiCorp
Atlas by HashiCorp enables organizations to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on any infrastructure. Atlas is one console and one workflow to power application delivery from development to production.
hashicorp  devops  deployment  atlas  use 
april 2015 by orlin
Mac OS X - Docker Documentation
Instructions for installing Docker on OS X using boot2docker.
docker  mac  osx  install  devops 
june 2014 by orlin
pm2 - Modern CLI process manager for Node apps with a builtin load-balancer
nodejs  process  cluster  loadbalance  monitoring  cli  tool  network  app  admin  devops 
june 2014 by orlin
Vagrant Cloud
Vagrant Cloud pairs with Vagrant to enable access, insight and collaboration across teams, as well as to bring exposure to community contributions and development environments.
vagrant  cloud  devops  virtualization  infrastructure  service 
june 2014 by orlin
trapperkeeper - A services framework for Clojure / JVM applications.
clojure  service  framework  devops  jvm 
april 2014 by orlin
Confessions of a Full Stack DevOp
Full stack devops? It's not a thing, but it's heart is in the right place. How I learned to stop worrying and love the devops.
it  operations  devops  trends 
april 2014 by orlin
Blog | Culture is Defined by What You Cannot Say | Relevance
I've been revising my DevOps at Five talk for GOTO Chicago. In it, I talk about the CAMS model for DevOps. The 'C' in CAMS stands for Culture, and it's alway...
devops  culture  humor 
march 2014 by orlin
Blog | s/DevOps/Etsily/ | Relevance
Dave Thomas urges us to kill the word "agile". Many of the original leaders in agile software development have now disavowed the term. Why? In short, it's be...
agile  devops  it  development  culture 
march 2014 by orlin
Ansible is Simple IT Automation
Ansible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure. Application Deployment + Configuration Management + Continuous Delivery.
devops  automation  deployment  chef  docker  ansible  cloud 
march 2014 by orlin
The DevOp: recipes for devops done right
The DevOp is a curated, tested set of recipes for managing servers, backups, encryption, and other developer and web business housekeeping tasks.
devops  sysadmin  recipes  subscription  use 
february 2014 by orlin
Strider-CD/strider · GitHub
strider - Strider: Open Source Continuous Integration & Deployment Server.
sysadmin  infrastructure  cloud  ci  deployment  server  build  automation  javascript  nodejs  mongodb  git  devops  use 
march 2013 by orlin
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