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are we decentralized yet?
analyzing how decentralized the top 100 cryptocurrency projects really are
cryptocurrency  decentralization  table  compare  blockchain  resource  bitcoin  centralization  criticism 
june 2018 by orlin
What’s wrong with Angular.js — Este.js Framework — Medium
App logic and structure expressed in HTML, which is enchanting for beginners (Look’ma no JS, magic!), but terrible for r…
angularjs  criticism  article 
october 2014 by orlin
What’s Wrong with “HTML5″ « Katz Got Your Tongue?
Instead, what the tech press calls “HTML5″ is really a continual process of improving the web browsers that people use. And honestly, that’s how I’d like to see the tech press cover us. Not as group of people working towards a singular milestone that will change the web as we know it, but as a group that has gotten our groove back.
html5  define  insight  press  criticism  attention  browser  features 
october 2010 by orlin

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