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hxoht/ldb: A C++ REPL / CLI for LevelDB
A C++ REPL / CLI for LevelDB. Contribute to hxoht/ldb development by creating an account on GitHub.
leveldb  repl  cli  command  tool 
november 2018 by orlin
tldr - Simplified and community-driven man pages
tldr  help  reference  documentation  command  tool  apps  resource 
january 2016 by orlin
passbox - Simple command line password manager using a flat file as a database and GPG encryption
bash  password  management  tool  authentication  encryption  shell  command 
september 2015 by orlin
npm-scripts-example - An example of how to use NPM scripts over Grunt/Gulp & Friends. http://blog.keithcirkel.co.uk/how-to-use-npm-as-a-build-tool
npm  scripts  workflow  shell  command  tips 
march 2015 by orlin
textgoeshere/jsong · GitHub
jsong - Filter json and show full paths to results
json  nodejs  cli  filter  command  regexp  tool 
march 2013 by orlin

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