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EteSync - Secure, Encrypted and Journaled Cloud Sync
Secure, End-to-End encrypted and journaled personal information (contacts and calendars) cloud synchronization for Android, the desktop and the web.
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november 2018 by orlin
When2meet helps you find the best time for a group to get together. It is a free survey tool that is quick and easy to use.
team  events  calendar  scheduling  planning  organize  tool 
may 2018 by orlin
Mowglii - Itsycal for Mac
Mowglii makes apps for macOS.
calendar  mac  macos  osx  tray  menubar  free  awesome  app  use  menu 
may 2018 by orlin
Scanate/UltimateICOCalendar: The ICO calendar to end all ICO calendars
UltimateICOCalendar - The ICO calendar to end all ICO calendars
ico  calendar  resource 
september 2017 by orlin

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