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Watch Your Hack - a manual to protect you against hackers
Watch Your Hack explains how to protect yourself from hackers, in layman’s terms. Six professional hackers helped create this manual.
security  newbie  intro  bestpractices  privacy  hacking  protect  guide  resource  tutorial 
november 2018 by orlin
Make linting great again! – Medium
Being a front-end developer I’m always looking for tools that enable a shortest possible feedback loop, and I believe linting shouldn’t be an exception. Of course, there are IDE and text editor…
linting  javascript  git  workflow  bestpractices 
march 2017 by orlin
north - Design and development standards to align and guide your project.
design  development  webdesign  webdev  bestpractices  agile  standards  ux  reading 
march 2014 by orlin
dire - Erlang-style supervisor error handling for Clojure
clojure  erlang  error  exception  bestpractices  supervisor  adoption 
november 2013 by orlin

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