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Omni ultimate - Omnicharge | A New generation Of Power
The Omni Ultimate provides a charging experience unlike any other. Taking the best from all Omnicharge products, the Omni Ultimate brings you an unparalleled feature set and a capacity that can charge all your portable devices. |
mt  mobile  battery  charger  smart  awesome  power  travel 
4 days ago by orlin
Home | Human Inc., Making Technology more Human
The First True Wireless Over-Ear Smart Headphones. A reimagined headphone that offers great sound quality for both voice and music fidelity, transforms into a p
mt  awesome  wireless  human  headphones  innovation  translation  smart  speakers  consumer  want 
4 days ago by orlin
Astropad | Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet
Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for your Mac.
cool  creative  ipad  ios  mac  macos  apple  pencil  touch  interface  magic  app  awesome  use  tools  want 
november 2018 by orlin
dazld/awesome-datomic: Awesome Datomic and Datascript related resources.
Awesome Datomic and Datascript related resources. Contribute to dazld/awesome-datomic development by creating an account on GitHub.
datomic  datascript  awesome  resource 
october 2018 by orlin
Awesome IPFS
Useful resources for using IPFS and building things on top of it
ipfs  awesome  p2p  resource  crypto  storage 
august 2018 by orlin
louiscenter/awesome-media-archive: A curated list of open source tools for archiving audio & video data for offline usage.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
download  media  video  audio  tools  cli  awesome  resource  list  opensource 
may 2018 by orlin
undev is a Berlin / Cologne based development and design studio for interactive experiences using modern web technologies. We push the boundaries of what’s possible using WebGL, Web Audio and Web
design  studio  webdesign  people  germany  awesome  creative  work  webgl  dataflow 
may 2018 by orlin
tachyons-css/tachyons: Functional css for humans
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
awesome  webdev  webdesign  functional  css  cool 
may 2018 by orlin
Mowglii - Itsycal for Mac
Mowglii makes apps for macOS.
calendar  mac  macos  osx  tray  menubar  free  awesome  app  use  menu 
may 2018 by orlin
stoeffel/awesome-fp-js: A curated list of awesome functional programming stuff in js
awesome-fp-js - :sunglasses: A curated list of awesome functional programming stuff in js
awesome  functional  javascript  programming  resource  list 
august 2017 by orlin
awesome-nodejs - A curated list of delightful Node.js packages and resources.
nodejs  awesome  webdev  list  tools  resource 
november 2014 by orlin
awesompd - Advanced mpd widget for Awesome WM
linux  music  player  awesome  widget 
june 2014 by orlin
Trianglify by @qrohlf
low poly style background generator with d3.js
d3  background  art  generator  algorithm  svg  awesome 
april 2014 by orlin
Pina / Wim Wenders - The Official Site
if u like documentaries and/or think 3d is "meh" - see Pina by Wim Wenders - best documentary & awesome 3d first #dance
awesome  documentary  3d  dance 
june 2011 by orlin
Jane McGonigal - On Productivity on Vimeo
it's @avantgame vs fermi's paradox! similarly convincing and #gameful #evolution #aliens
gaming  productivity  perma  awesome  inspiration  janemcgonial  people  lifehacks  future  video  #evolution  #gameful  #aliens  evolution  gameful  aliens 
november 2010 by orlin

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