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How brain is wired for attention
The brain is organized into territories, sort of like a map of Europe. There are visual regions, regions that process sound and areas that process sensory and motor information. In between all these areas is the intraparietal sulcus, which is known to be a key area for processing attention
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november 2010 by orlin
The economics of gaining attention - O'Reilly Radar
Gaining attention in this world becomes as much about the science of standing out as the art of being outstanding. And every link forged is a form of currency exchange where the market favors the heavyweights.
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november 2010 by orlin
What’s Wrong with “HTML5″ « Katz Got Your Tongue?
Instead, what the tech press calls “HTML5″ is really a continual process of improving the web browsers that people use. And honestly, that’s how I’d like to see the tech press cover us. Not as group of people working towards a singular milestone that will change the web as we know it, but as a group that has gotten our groove back.
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october 2010 by orlin
DataPortability.org - Share and remix data using open standards
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april 2008 by orlin

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