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A List of Public Bitcoin Feerate Estimation APIs – 0x​B10C – a german bitcoin freelancer and developer
Me searching for a list of public bitcoin feerate estimation APIs ended without any real results.
Jameson Lopp has a section on feerate estimators on his bitcoin.page and Antoine Le Calvez’s dashboard p2sh.info provides a visualisation of different estimation APIs.
But that is not what I was looking for.
That’s why I compiled this list.

public  bitcoin  fees  api  list  resource  documentation 
september 2019 by orlin
Enabling your business to offer financial services | solarisBank
Banking platform for finance pioneers ➜ solarisBank empowers your business to build world-beating products - Fast, scalable, secure – solarisBank
mt  banking  api  development  bank  startup  platform  germany 
september 2019 by orlin
cyphernode | Modular Bitcoin full-node microservices API server architecture and utilities toolkit to build scalable, secure and featureful apps and services without trusted third parties
Modular Bitcoin full-node microservices API server architecture and utilities toolkit to build scalable, secure and featureful apps and services without trusted third parties
bitcoin  lightning  node  server  docker  api  microservices  selfhosted  cool  mt  service 
january 2019 by orlin
Blockstream is the leading provider of blockchain technologies, on the forefront of work in cryptography and distributed systems. From fraud to counterfeiting, from security to confidentiality, from accountability to transparency, our mission is to solve problems that undermine trust in today's financial systems.
cryptocurrency  data  price  history  cryptocurrencies  api  bitcoin  ethereum  monero 
august 2018 by orlin
Bitcoin Price Index API & Exchange Rates - BitcoinAverage
Register now with BitcoinAverage & get fast free access to our trusted current and historical bitcoin prices for 160+ currencies, accounting tools & more
cryptocurrencies  bitcoin  prices  average  api 
june 2018 by orlin
mjackson/history-server: An HTTP server for single-page apps that use the HTML5 history API
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
nodejs  webdev  http  server  html  history  api 
may 2018 by orlin
Glitch for Platforms - Delivering Developer Success
Glitch for Platforms helps any developer succeed with your API or SDK.
api  frontend  code  showcase  community  collaboration  use  tool 
may 2018 by orlin
oshyshko/uio: a Clojure library for accessing HDFS, S3, SFTP and other file systems via a single API
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
clojure  files  library  api  abstraction  storage  protocol 
may 2018 by orlin
Factual | The Leader in Location Data
Factual is pioneering how the world uses data to power mobile marketing, digital consumer products, mobile applications and real world analytics.
location  geolocation  geo  data  api  analytics  service  marketing  advertising 
may 2018 by orlin
Infrastructure means APIs: Introducing the Infura API
For over a year, we’ve been providing the Ethereum community with secure and scalable access to the JSON-RPC API (aka the Web3 API), the standard and popular way of interfacing with Ethereum clients…
ethereum  api  webservice  cloud  infrastructure 
october 2017 by orlin
BigML.com is Machine Learning made easy
Machine Learning made beautifully simple for everyone.
machinelearning  service  api  cloud  startup  bigdata  analytics  ai  prediction 
october 2017 by orlin
Comparing MLaaS: Amazon AWS, MS Azure, Google Prediction API
Tensor Flow. This is another Google product, which is a library of different machine learning tools rather than ML-as-a-service. It doesn’t have visual interface and the learning curve for Tensor Flow would be quite steep. However, the library is also targeted at software engineers that plan transitioning to data science. On top of that, Google provides a cloud infrastructure for machine learning that is built to use Tensor Flow.
machinelearning  services  compare  prediction  api 
october 2017 by orlin
Smart Contracts are self-executing contractual states, stored on the blockchain.
Smart Contracts are self-executing contractual states, stored on the blockchain, which nobody controls and therefore everyone can trust.
ethereum  smart  contracts  api  integration  crypto  blockchain  bitcoin 
august 2017 by orlin
GraphQL in the age of REST APIs – Chute Engineering – Medium
I’ve been excited about GraphQL since it was teased in January, and now as of Thursday the spec is finally available. Huge thanks to @leeb, @dlschafer and @schrockn for getting it out! If you’re…
rest  api  graphql  relay  compare 
april 2017 by orlin
yarax/swagger-to-graphql: Swagger to GraphQL API mapper
swagger-to-graphql - Swagger to GraphQL API mapper
rest  api  swagger  graphql  nodejs 
april 2017 by orlin
mcohen01/amazonica: A comprehensive Clojure client for the entire Amazon AWS api.
amazonica - A comprehensive Clojure client for the entire Amazon AWS api.
clojure  amazon  aws  api  library 
april 2017 by orlin
API Layers
A short survey about current popular JavaScript technologies.
api  2016  javascript  state  rest  graphql  survey  trends 
april 2017 by orlin
amyboyd/go-mailgun-mailing-list-api: A simple API, written in Go, for subscribing new emails to a Mailgun mailing list
go-mailgun-mailing-list-api - A simple API, written in Go, for subscribing new emails to a Mailgun mailing list
mailgun  golang  api 
december 2016 by orlin
The Echo Nest
The Echo Nest powers all of today's best music experiences by automatically knowing everything about music.
audio  sound  music  analysis  api  saas  tools 
april 2016 by orlin
raml2html - RAML to HTML documentation generator.
raml  html  api  documentation  generator 
november 2015 by orlin
newman - Newman is a command-line collection runner for Postman
api  testing  nodejs  cli  runner  raml  import  postman 
november 2015 by orlin
Test Your API | RAML
*/ /*-->*/ Testing Made Easy
raml  testing  api 
november 2015 by orlin
abao - REST API automated testing tool based on RAML
raml  testing  api  nodejs  ci 
november 2015 by orlin
Convertron - The API Transformer
API Transformer can convert API descriptions to/from various formats. For example you can convert Swagger 1.2 to Swagger 2.0, API Blueprint to Swagger 1.2 & 2.0, RAML to API Blueprint, and more. Following API descriptions formats are supported as input, Swagger 1.x - 2.0 (JSON and YAML), RAML 0.8, API Blueprint 1A, Google Discovery, WADL (W3C 2009), IO Docs. Following output API descriptions are supported Swagger 1.2 - 2.0 (JSON and YAML), API Blueprint 1A, WADL (W3C 2009).</blockquo...
api  documentation  format  transformer 
november 2015 by orlin
RESTHeart is the REST data API server for mongodb.
Open your data, quickly build HATEOAS applications, use it as your mobile apps back-end,...
mongodb  rest  api  webservice  java  opensource  webdev 
september 2015 by orlin
A window.fetch JavaScript polyfill. Contribute to github/fetch development by creating an account on GitHub.
javascript  ajax  standards  webdev  polyfill  fetch  library  browser  api 
june 2015 by orlin
falkor - HTTP Level Functional Testing Library (nodeunit compatible)
http  testing  library  rest  api 
june 2015 by orlin
Keynote - JSON Graph: Reactive REST at Netflix - YouTube
Every user of a web application wants to believe that all of the data in the cloud is sitting right on their device. Netflix's data platform "JSON Graph" cre...
falcor  javascript  api  rest  frp  fx  presentation  netflix  json  graph 
may 2015 by orlin
Netflix JavaScript Talks - Falcor - YouTube
Jafar Husain and Michael Paulson provide an inside like at Falcor - the open source data platform that powers Netflix UIs. Falcor lets you represent all of y...
falcor  javascript  api  rest  frp  fx  presentation  netflix 
may 2015 by orlin
Designing Front-End Components
Pony Foo is a technical blog maintained by Nicolas Bevacqua, where he shares his thoughts on JavaScript and the web. Nico likes writing, public speaking, and open-source.
frontend  components  tutorial  article  api  design  ui 
may 2015 by orlin
stanza.io - Modern XMPP in the browser, with a JSON API
browser  xmpp  javascript  json  api  messaging  realtime 
may 2015 by orlin
Plaid is an API to power developers of financial services applications and help them connect with user bank accounts.
bank  accounting  payment  api  finance 
march 2015 by orlin
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